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The Future of Journalism | A Call for Disruption

October 31, 2012

“The new economy has always been about the capacity of one smart, passionate person — an inspired innovator, a dynamic leader, a wild-eyed entrepreneur — to do extraordinary things.” – Daniel Pink

The time for extraordinary things in Journalism is now. As Marketing and Communications leaders, we are enabled with the capability to disrupt, to innovate, and to spark a whole new dimension of powerful storytelling. The facts are just facts if allowed to remain hidden in obscurity. The responsibility of today’s new communicator is to captain the ship of illumination opening our eyes to new ways of thinking about how we foster mass influence.

The questions: What is our responsibility? What should stand at the top of of our priorities list? Which direction should we head? How will we increase the appeal of a career in fact finding, good writing, and community impact?

These are exactly the kinds of questions that lead one to seek out answers.

Enter my Future of Journalism survey. Part curiosity and part graduate capstone requirement.

Help me answer these questions. As leaders and stakeholders of one of the nation’s most innovative programs, your perspective is a much needed catalyst for rethinking the future of Journalism education.

Let’s champion the prolific.

The Future Starts Now!

October 23, 2012

Rising 39 stories high in the skyline, the magnificent Marriott Marquis San Francisco Hotel exudes an essence of modern luxury and the convenience of an extraordinary downtown San Francisco hotel. For four power packed days, this lovely hotel in San Francisco served as the home of the Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference and largest public relations gathering in the world!

The theme of this year’s conference was aptly titled, “The Future Starts Now.”

As an IMC student at WVU, I was given the fantastic opportunity to experience this conference and represent the Mountaineers! Let me say, that I wasn’t disappointed. The conference included lots of opportunities for good networking and focused on several relevant topics for those keeping tabs on the trends taking place in the field of public relations and  integrated marketing communications. Here are a few of my favorite sessions:

  • How to Turn the Agency/Client Relationship Into a Win-Win
  • World Class Communication: How Great CEO’s Win With Key Audiences 
  • Speaking to Diverse Groups: Successful Strategies in Multicultural PR
  • Leading the Way for a More Social Business (My favorite!)

Overall, I had a fantastic time and was certainly able to combine the lessons learned in the IMC program with the topics being discussed in each workshop. One person in a particular workshop talked about the need to remind students who are fresh out of college about the importance of traditional marketing and ROI. Guess what? What a perfect opportunity to plug the IMC program at WVU and share some of my knowledge gained.

Sure seems like we’re going back to that theme of “real world application.”

Well, of course, because it’s true!

Thank you WVU for the awesome opportunity!

Happy Late Fall!

October 22, 2012

Goodbye Early Fall, hello Late Fall! This past weekend I submitted my final paper for Political Marketing! Because I house sat for my parents last week (which includes watching a yellow lab who is quite the diva) and fought a sinus infection, I didn’t have much extra time or energy to get a head start on my assignment. Much of my Sunday was dedicated to my last assignment, but that’s quite alright.

I always like to complete my Week 9 assignment before Monday so I have at least a few hours to enjoy a clean to-do list.

Here in Northeast Ohio, it isn’t hard to believe it’s well into the autumn season. Leaves have been turning for weeks which creates a great scenery through the windows whether I’m working on a paper, driving home from work or running errands.

The view from my driveway. Aren’t the leaves gorgeous?

So, what’s next for me? Social Media and Marketing! It’s a class I’ve been looking forward to taking for quite sometime. I do a lot of social media for work so I am confident this will be filled with content I can learn and apply to my job immediately. What makes this class even more exciting is that my favorite professor so far in the program, Rachael Post, is leading the course.

Have you taken Social Media and Marketing? If so, do you have any pointers?

IMC Open House Recap and More

October 2, 2012

Were you one of the individuals who attended the IMC Open House in Cleveland last week? If so, you know what a great night it was! It was wonderful to meet other Ohio residents who are currently in the program and those who were interested in learning more.

I had looked forward to the event for quite sometime but knew it would be a busy week, because less than twenty-four hours prior to the Cleveland event, I had returned from a short trip to New York City. I was able to spend two days, along with a friend from college, exploring the nation’s greatest city. What I love about New York is that you never know what will be on the next block or around the next corner. In fact, we managed to see 30 Rock being filmed while looking for a place to have lunch!

We were also able to see the musical Rock of Ages, secure seats to a taping of Live with Kelly and Michael and tour the Museum of Natural History.

Kelly and Michael (along with a number of their staff) during a commercial break

The foyer at the Museum

Grand Central Station

Have you had any fun getaways or adventures during Early Fall? If so, leave a comment to share your story!