IMC Open House Recap and More


Were you one of the individuals who attended the IMC Open House in Cleveland last week? If so, you know what a great night it was! It was wonderful to meet other Ohio residents who are currently in the program and those who were interested in learning more.

I had looked forward to the event for quite sometime but knew it would be a busy week, because less than twenty-four hours prior to the Cleveland event, I had returned from a short trip to New York City. I was able to spend two days, along with a friend from college, exploring the nation’s greatest city. What I love about New York is that you never know what will be on the next block or around the next corner. In fact, we managed to see 30 Rock being filmed while looking for a place to have lunch!

We were also able to see the musical Rock of Ages, secure seats to a taping of Live with Kelly and Michael and tour the Museum of Natural History.

Kelly and Michael (along with a number of their staff) during a commercial break

The foyer at the Museum

Grand Central Station

Have you had any fun getaways or adventures during Early Fall? If so, leave a comment to share your story!

One Response to “IMC Open House Recap and More”

  1. Valerie Lee Ater Says:

    As many may know I am an International Service Manager with United Airlines; the on board flight attendant manager on international flights..

    I have had many fun and exciting experiences, recently I was able to go to a Washington Nationals game with several of my crew members on a layover and later in the same trip attend the Notre Dame vs. Navy Football game at Aviva Stadium in Dubin, Ireland. Of course, once returning to the hotel from the Navy game I had to check the Internet and “Game Trax” for the WVU vs. Marshall score- always a Mountaineer fan!!!

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