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The Keys to Event Marketing – Part 2: Inspire FOMO

May 11, 2017


FOMO—the Fear Of Missing Out—is a key motivator in many aspects of our lives.  We want to experience the museum exhibit that no one can get a ticket for, we’ll stand in line for an hour to try a cupcake, or we’ll book a trip to Iceland because everyone else seems to be doing it… FOMO applies to events too.  As a marketer, you have to figure out what makes your event special; special enough that people will take time away from their “regular life” to spend their time and money in order to learn or do something they would not typically get to experience.

There are two parts to creating this FOMO – one is actually planning an agenda and developing content that will be unique, inspiring, and engaging; two is making sure your target audience knows about how great the event is going to be and feel like they’ll miss out if they do not get to experience it.

With the access to so many free tutorials, videos, classes, networking events, etc. it can be hard to convince someone (or that someone’s boss) that an event is worth spending their time and money.  So, how do you do it?

First, read part 1 of this event marketing blog series and make sure you know your target audience and ways to use that information to your advantage.  Next, finalize your planning, then execute — hit send on your first email, post your first promotion tweet, and launch your Google Ad campaign!

Create Communications Timeline:

Events have hard deadlines, so start from the event date and work your way backwards.  Find out when key information will be available and define your timeline(s) – one timeline for prospective attendees and a second for registrants.  When does registration open and close?  When is the event’s schedule going to be finalized and available to share?  Are there key speakers or keynotes you will want to promote to entice registrations?  Are you providing an event mobile app and when will it be available to download?  Plotting out your key communications will allow you to divide up the outbound communications and decide how many times you’ll need to send prospective attendees and registrants information.

Choose Your Channels & Tactics:

When researching your target audience, identify not only what industry they work for, but see if you can infer other information that can inform your selection of marketing channels and tactics.  Can you identify “watering holes” where this audience goes for information—websites, social media, magazines, etc.?  Are there groups on LinkedIn that a larger percentage of the members fit your target audience?  Are there any trade shows you’re attending prior to your own event where your target audience is also in attendance?  Any information like this can help you to identify and focus in on where you need to be promoting and getting the word out about your event.

Now-a-days there are so many places to promote your event – your company website, outbound emails, your social media channels, paid social media (like LinkedIn InMail drops or Sponsored Content), Google re-marketing PPC ads, buying an eBlast for a partner to send out to their membership, etc.  Know your budget and choose the channels/tactics that will give you the most opportunities to reach your audience and will give you the best ROI.

Nail Your Messaging & Branding:

As an integrated marketing communications professional, one of your main goals is that the messaging and branding are consistent regardless of the channel or tactic, from the first invite to the directional signage onsite.  The color scheme of your event website should be pulled in to the design of your HTML emails; the tone of your tweets should build off the emails messaging; even the key speakers should relate to and/or speak to key themes brining your messaging to life face-to-face.  Every single touchpoint is the opportunity to reinforce and prove to your attendees that they made the right decision in choosing to attend your event.


Jennifer Maltba began her journey with the IMC program in August 2012; graduating in December 2014. Her favorite thing about the program was its ‘learn today, use tomorrow’ philosophy, which she felt truly made this a one-of-a-kind program.  A month after graduating, she took the position of Marketing Manager at Cvent, a global meeting and event technology provider headquartered in the DC area.  When not creating integrated marketing campaigns and tracking Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), Jen can be found planning her next trip to somewhere new, exploring the neighborhoods of DC in search of the best food, or taking in the latest museum exhibit in our nation’s capital.  





May 4, 2017

INTEGRATE West Virginia will take place in Huntington, West Virginia, on June 2-3.

From one WVU IMC student to another, I would definitely recommend attending! Why? – The speakers, the location, the professors and the cost. For the inside scoop, read on!


INTEGRATE West Virginia will feature 13 world-class speakers, from across the country—Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and Morgantown. Working for companies like Coca-Cola, Google and Verizon, their specialties range from tourism marketing to internal communications, and include everything in between. A couple highlights…

Andy Azula, senior vice president/executive creative director at The Martin Agency – INTEGRATE West Virginia’s keynote speaker, Andy Azula, has many claims to fame; however, he is best known as UPS’s “whiteboard guy.” This campaign was so famous, Azula got spoofed on Saturday Night Live!

Amanda Todorovich, director of content marketing at Cleveland Clinic – Named the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Content Marketer of the year, Amanda Todorovich is a nationally renowned speaker. She also manages Health Essentials, the number one most-visited hospital blog in the United States. 

Sebastian Webber, founder of CrowdSurge – This music industry executive has worked with a multitude of popular artists, including: Coldplay, Adele, Leona Lewis, M.I.A. and Sia! In 2010, his work landed him on Billboard magazine’s “30 under 30” list.

Listen to this! I heard Chad Mezera, assistant dean of online programs, say this is the best INTEGRATE line up yet!


Huntington is a rural, southern West Virginia town filled with local shops, unique restaurants and stunning greenery. Its small-town charm was recognized when it received first place in the America’s Best Communities competition in April 2017. While you’re there, be sure to check out the following.

For food: Fat Patty’s – This hometown restaurant is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Best known for its specialty burgers, Fat Patty’s was named by USA Today as one of the top 51 Burger Joints in America in 2013.

For drinks: Huntington Ale House – Offering customers more than 90 different beers, the Huntington Ale House has something for everyone. Whether you prefer a local, craft brew, or a simple, domestic draft, it’s here!

For fun: Take a tour of Marshall University’s campus – Founded in 1837, Marshall University is home to 13,631 students. As you walk the institution’s historic campus, I guarantee that some areas will look familiar, as they acted as sets for the 2006 blockbuster hit, “We Are Marshall.”

Here’s a tip! Bring your walking shoes. Huntington has some gorgeous scenery that you won’t want to miss!


INTEGRATE provides IMC students with an opportunity to connect with, not only one another, but also with their professors. Developing one-on-one relationships with the IMC program’s professors allows students to better understand course options, build their professional networks and obtain knowledgeable mentors. Here’s what you can expect!

The Alexia Vanides Teaching Award – Each year, one IMC professor is awarded the Alexia Vanides Teaching Award. This honor is decided upon by the program’s students. Did you pick the winner? Find out at INTEGRATE West Virginia!

Kristi Hansen Onkka – Developer of the IMC program’s newest course, IMC 693 – Augmented/Virtual Reality, Kristi Hansen Onkka will be at the conference. In addition to acting as a speaker, Hansen Onkka is bringing her AR/VR gear for attendees to try. Pick her brain about this new course while seats are still available!

Whitney Drake – A 2016 graduate of the IMC program, Whitney Drake is now working as a professor! Talk to Drake about her experiences, and the option of teaching after graduation.

Head’s up! There will be nine professors at INTEGRATE West Virginia.


When attending conferences, expenses add up quickly! In addition to paying for the conference, you must secure a hotel room, purchase food and pay for other miscellaneous expenses. As of now, I have been to nearly a dozen professional conferences. Of them, INTEGRATE is, by far, the cheapest. Check out these deals!

The conference – If you register by May 15, and use the code ‘INTWV,’ you can attend INTEGRATE West Virginia for only $200! That includes access to the event’s keynote dinner!

Your hotel – A limited number of rooms are available at the Pullman Plaza Hotel in Huntington, at a special conference rate of $94 per night. The hotel is within walking distance of the event, as well as many local shops and restaurants.

Dining – The INTEGRATE West Virginia event staff has worked to secure discounts from local restaurants for all conference attendees. All you have to do is show your name badge! 

Food for thought – to attend Content Marketing World 2017, it costs $2,000, and we are featuring one of the same speakers!

For more information about INTEGRATE West Virginia, or to register, please visit Contact Megan Bayles, public relations and marketing graduate assistant, at or 304-293-3286 with any questions.

I hope to see you in Huntington!