Happy Late Fall!


Goodbye Early Fall, hello Late Fall! This past weekend I submitted my final paper for Political Marketing! Because I house sat for my parents last week (which includes watching a yellow lab who is quite the diva) and fought a sinus infection, I didn’t have much extra time or energy to get a head start on my assignment. Much of my Sunday was dedicated to my last assignment, but that’s quite alright.

I always like to complete my Week 9 assignment before Monday so I have at least a few hours to enjoy a clean to-do list.

Here in Northeast Ohio, it isn’t hard to believe it’s well into the autumn season. Leaves have been turning for weeks which creates a great scenery through the windows whether I’m working on a paper, driving home from work or running errands.

The view from my driveway. Aren’t the leaves gorgeous?

So, what’s next for me? Social Media and Marketing! It’s a class I’ve been looking forward to taking for quite sometime. I do a lot of social media for work so I am confident this will be filled with content I can learn and apply to my job immediately. What makes this class even more exciting is that my favorite professor so far in the program, Rachael Post, is leading the course.

Have you taken Social Media and Marketing? If so, do you have any pointers?

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2 Responses to “Happy Late Fall!”

  1. Valerie Lee Ater Says:

    Hi Nicole-

    I’d love to take Social Media and Marketing in the future, let me know how it is. I am taking IMC 629 Mobile Marketing this Late Fall session.

  2. Julie Pharr Says:

    Hi Nicole! I’ll be in that class with you! Looking forward to it!

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