The Future of Journalism | A Call for Disruption


“The new economy has always been about the capacity of one smart, passionate person — an inspired innovator, a dynamic leader, a wild-eyed entrepreneur — to do extraordinary things.” – Daniel Pink

The time for extraordinary things in Journalism is now. As Marketing and Communications leaders, we are enabled with the capability to disrupt, to innovate, and to spark a whole new dimension of powerful storytelling. The facts are just facts if allowed to remain hidden in obscurity. The responsibility of today’s new communicator is to captain the ship of illumination opening our eyes to new ways of thinking about how we foster mass influence.

The questions: What is our responsibility? What should stand at the top of of our priorities list? Which direction should we head? How will we increase the appeal of a career in fact finding, good writing, and community impact?

These are exactly the kinds of questions that lead one to seek out answers.

Enter my Future of Journalism survey. Part curiosity and part graduate capstone requirement.

Help me answer these questions. As leaders and stakeholders of one of the nation’s most innovative programs, your perspective is a much needed catalyst for rethinking the future of Journalism education.

Let’s champion the prolific.

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