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Submit button, you’re my new best friend

May 19, 2010

Whew! Words cannot express the excitement and joy I felt when I hit the submit button for my last final project of the semester. But just because I’m taking the summer semester off don’t think I’m going to be a total slacker. In addition to starting my very belated spring cleaning, I’ve also started two other projects today that are long overdue: Operation Stacy Fat Camp, and Operation Hailey Potty Camp. I know, I know—they both sound highly enticing so go ahead and be jealous.

Along with my messy house, I unfortunately put exercise on the back burner these last two semesters, and now I’m paying for it. Today was my first day back at the gym, and it was horrible and wonderful at the same time … if that makes sense. Hopefully I’ll be able to lose some weight and get back in shape this summer. My goal for the Early Fall semester is to somehow find a way to incorporate exercise back into my daily routine, so if any of you have any tips for that, I’m all ears.

Speaking of tips, if any of you have been through the potty training torture that I’m currently in, I’d love to hear some tips for that, too. We actually tried potty training Hailey last fall, and after a few miserable days I have to admit that I threw in the towel and slapped a diaper back on her. But now that she’s starting preschool in the fall, it’s crunch-time. I really hope I don’t have to send her to college in diapers. That would be embarrassing. For both of us.

I hope all of you taking summer classes get off to a great start this week! Tell me about your classes. I always love to hear from other classmates about what the different classes are like, and I’m sure the prospective students reading this blog would also love some details!

Stacy + 2-year-old + 2 final projects – 1 husband = CRAZY

May 13, 2010

Hi everyone!

Week 9!  Time to dust off my flippy-floppies!

After I turn in my final projects on Monday I’m going to sleep for a week. Then I’ll probably try to corral the dust bunnies that have grown into tumbleweeds in my poor neglected house.

Having two classes this semester was crazy–I get ill just thinking about doing it again in Early Fall. And to add to the craziness, my husband Mark has been out of town for work this entire week. All I can say is thank goodness for grandparents. My parents and my in-laws have been so supportive of me this semester. My daughter has spent as much time with them as she has with me (maybe more)! One piece of advice that I have for all you new and prospective students is to make sure you have a good support team in place when you start classes—and plenty of backup! When the IMC professors say, “plan to budget 12-15 hours per week per course,” they aren’t kidding!

How many of you are taking summer courses? Even though I won’t be taking classes this summer I’ll still be blogging, so keep reading! Lastly, congrats to all of you May 2010 IMC graduates. If you have any parting words of advice, we’d all love to hear them!

Good luck with finals, everyone, and have fun with your summer classes–those of you who aren’t slackers like me. 🙂

My Weekend Plans

May 7, 2010

It’s that glorious time of the year again—Finals Week—when students begin to leave town and traffic around here becomes tolerable. Don’t get me wrong, the students are great. Most businesses around here would go under without the support of WVU students. But, it sure is nice to be able to drive from Point A to Point B without yelling and banging your fists on the steering wheel.

In addition to the students’ departure, this weekend marks another rite of passage into summer—boat season! With weather permitting, the Happy Daze will be back at her summer home this weekend. So, if you want to get in touch with me this summer, here’s where you can find me:

So speaking of weekends, how many of you will be attending IMC Weekend? From what I’ve heard, I think there’s going to be a great showing of both faculty and students. I’m looking forward to meeting some of my classmates face to face, even though I feel like I already know them. All three of my professors from Early and Late Spring semesters are planning to attend, and at least one of my professors for the upcoming Fall semesters will be there.

Over the course of these last two semesters, I’ve been trying to give prospective IMC students a glimpse of what it’s like to be in the program. Hopefully, I’ve been able to do that. However, my experience is uniquely my own. Every student is different. We’ve had different classes with different professors. I’d strongly encourage anyone interested in the program to come to IMC Weekend and talk not only with me, but with the faculty and other students to get different perspectives on the program. I can tell you what the program is like as a stay-at-home Mom. But, maybe you’re a recent graduate, or maybe you’re employed full-time. Chances are there will be a current student or graduate at IMC weekend who would love to share their own experiences with you.

If you haven’t RSVP’d to IMC Weekend yet, there’s still time! And, I will let you in on a little secret. Not only will you get to celebrate the awesomeness of the IMC program during IMC Weekend, you will also have the opportunity to celebrate the birth of me! That’s right, my birthday just happens to be during IMC Weekend, so those of you who attend will have the honor of celebrating with me! I can’t believe I’m going to be 29 … again!  I’ve been 29 for a few years now, and I have to say that it’s a great age to be. I also have it on good authority that a certain IMC advisor’s birthday is also during IMC Weekend, so when you see Professor Shelly Stump wish her a Happy Birthday 🙂