Submit button, you’re my new best friend


Whew! Words cannot express the excitement and joy I felt when I hit the submit button for my last final project of the semester. But just because I’m taking the summer semester off don’t think I’m going to be a total slacker. In addition to starting my very belated spring cleaning, I’ve also started two other projects today that are long overdue: Operation Stacy Fat Camp, and Operation Hailey Potty Camp. I know, I know—they both sound highly enticing so go ahead and be jealous.

Along with my messy house, I unfortunately put exercise on the back burner these last two semesters, and now I’m paying for it. Today was my first day back at the gym, and it was horrible and wonderful at the same time … if that makes sense. Hopefully I’ll be able to lose some weight and get back in shape this summer. My goal for the Early Fall semester is to somehow find a way to incorporate exercise back into my daily routine, so if any of you have any tips for that, I’m all ears.

Speaking of tips, if any of you have been through the potty training torture that I’m currently in, I’d love to hear some tips for that, too. We actually tried potty training Hailey last fall, and after a few miserable days I have to admit that I threw in the towel and slapped a diaper back on her. But now that she’s starting preschool in the fall, it’s crunch-time. I really hope I don’t have to send her to college in diapers. That would be embarrassing. For both of us.

I hope all of you taking summer classes get off to a great start this week! Tell me about your classes. I always love to hear from other classmates about what the different classes are like, and I’m sure the prospective students reading this blog would also love some details!

7 Responses to “Submit button, you’re my new best friend”

  1. Joanne Eshelman Says:

    Hi Stacy:
    I love your blog posts…and can relate to one of your summer projects–kickstarting exercise (though all potty training is long past in my house). I have to keep up with exercise to balance out the snacks I seem to consume while hovering over the ecampus website.

    Be kind to yourself and enjoy the summer. This is the first time I’m taking a summer course (and it will be only time, thankfully) and though it looks interesting, I’m not relishing the weekends that will be spent on the laptop rather than outdoors.

    • stacywise Says:

      Hi Joanne!

      What are you taking this summer? Yeah, I found my mind drifting off coursework these last few weeks as the weather started warming up here. I’m so not looking forward to starting back up in August — that’s just about the time the lake temperature gets nice here! Oh well. The rewards will be worth it I’m sure!

      • Joanne Eshelman Says:

        Hi there:
        I’m taking Cause Marketing and it’s a very interesting topic…great discussion so far and because I’ve always worked for a nonprofit, it’s near to my heart. I’m settling in now..and hey, it’s now only 7 1/2 weeks to go, right?
        Good luck at the gym this week 🙂

  2. Heather Young Says:

    Oh Stacy. I love how you take your stress and turn it into something humorous. Like you, I’m taking summer off as well. I don’t know what to do with all the extra time I have but would like to fit ‘Gym’ back into the schedule as well.

    I can’t wait to read more.


    • stacywise Says:

      Just got back from the gym. Ugh. I’m starting to rethink Operation Stacy Fat Camp. A frozen mararita sounds much more fun than exercise. 😉

      Great having class with you this semester! I don’t know about you, but that class was pretty challenging for me! Hopefully our IMC paths will cross again before we’re done! 🙂

  3. wadadlilady Says:

    Interestingly enough Stacy, I have decided to put gym back in my rotation. It’s loooooooong overdue. 2 major reasons: Carnival is fast approaching and I’ve already signed up to play mas first two days in August and my birthday is coming up in September and I need to shed some weight. So I’m interested in tips as well, because I don’t want to slack off again.

    In terms of potty training, my dear, that’s merely growing pains and truly unique to parent/s and child. What we did was using briefs on my son during the nights, making him go before he went to bed.

    His first few weeks of pre-school he had accidents but they were really understanding. If you don’t mind the mess and cleaning for a while, forgetting about pampers may be the best best, it gets uncomfortable in underwear when they do the numbers and its inducement to go to the bathroom.

    Well… that’s why I found with our son at least.

  4. Krista Reznik Says:

    Hi Stacy,

    We are currently potty training my 22 month old son. He has done well. As much as it sucks, the best thing we have found is to take a weekend and do nothing except train. We set a timer for every 25 minutes and on he went. We also put him in nothing but a t-shirt and underwear. We went through nearly ever pair of underwear the first day, but almost three weeks later he is only having an occasional accident. He isn’t fully trained yet, but is well on his way! Good luck!

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