What Gets You Moving On Assignments?


This past weekend in Northeast Ohio was unusually warm! Looking out my window writing my Week 3 paper for Social Media and Marketing was honestly a little difficult, but I used some old tricks I’ve learned since starting the IMC Program two and a half years ago.

Turns out, having some good music playing helped inspire me to write and got my fingers hitting my keyboard a little faster than normal.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I admit music provides a little motivation for me. If music doesn’t work, I log onto YouTube and find episodes of television shows I enjoy to listen to while I’m working. I tend to work better with some background noise whether it’s a familiar song or show that makes me laugh.

There are some days when I know exactly what I want to write and my fingers can’t move fast enough, but other days, like this weekend, the words don’t come as easy.

Some people are different and prefer complete silence when writing. What’s your style and what motivates you to write on a day when you need an extra push?

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One Response to “What Gets You Moving On Assignments?”

  1. Joyce Says:

    I listen to music too, Nicole. If it’s silent, my brain tends to wander off in a million directions! 🙂

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