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Don’t Buy This Jacket

March 14, 2012

Hello from the great IMC beyond. I’ve regained the 15-30 hours of my life each week that were devoted to IMC for most of 2010 and 2011, yet somehow 2012 feels just as busy. My job search continues, even as I’ve been lucky to pick up some contract work and consulting gigs to stay busy, earn a little money, and keep my skills fresh.

Networking is a critical part of any job search today and so I decided to get involved with PSAMA, the local Seattle chapter of the American Marketing Association. My membership materials arrived this week, including my first copy of Marketing News magazine. I flipped through the issue over dinner and, frankly, expected it to be just another trade publication — nothing special. And then, this image stopped me cold:

"Don't Buy This Jacket" ad from Patagonia

You may have seen or heard about this ad back around Black Friday. I was too busy with Campaigns to notice much of anything in the outside world at the time, so I’m glad I found this interview with Rob BonDurant (pdf) of Patagonia. BonDurant seems to have a bit of a disdain for the M in IMC, but it’s still safe to say that the lessons from this ad — which ran just one time in just one newspaper — have implications for PR, direct marketing, cause marketing, storytelling, and probably a few other areas of IMC.

Click on the image and the article link, then let me know: Had you already heard about this ad? Do you think it’s possible for a retailer to convincingly encourage reduced consumption of its products?