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The Digital Marketer’s Toolbox: Part I

February 25, 2013

Technology and industry change at a rapid pace. The opportunities to miss out on key insights, growing trends, and purposed direction are numerous. How do communication specialists and brand managers stay on top of the trends and changing dynamics taking place in today’s marketing environment?

I recently had an opportunity to see the 2010 film The A-Team. I know I know…I’m a bit late on that one. Nonetheless, I was inspired by the level of strategy and plan of action seen in the film with regards to blowing stuff up…literally. Shaking things up is a common practice for novel digital strategists who strive to get people talking and increase WOM activity. If you haven’t seen the flick, here’s a quick synopsis:

A group of Iraq War veterans looks to clear their name with the U.S. military, who suspect the four men of committing a crime for which they were framed.

Seems simple right? The lesson of the film: “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Those eight words are powerful fuel for integrated marketing communication professionals desirous to see tangible results. A plan of action and strategic approach to orchestrating communication touchpoints effectively is indeed a launching platform for real audience impact.

Just how can we begin to orchestrate, plan, and outthink the competition?


Two of my favorite tools for staying ‘in the know’ and keeping on top of the IMC arena are Google Reader and Feedly. There’s been some recent talk about Google shutting Reader down but until that happens I recommend it as a means of staying informed and building your knowledge base.

Google Reader Toolbox

Keyboard shortcuts and organizing options make it a breeze for collecting the RSS feeds of your favorite websites. Feedly takes this pipeline of content and insights to another level visually.

Just one of the ways to organize the web’s most relevant information in the eyes of the aspiring digital marketer.

Social Media, iOS5, and All Things Apple!

October 26, 2011

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Recently, the world lost an incredible man who changed the way we live our daily lives. Whether it be the computer we use at work or at home, the phone we use to communicate and connect with people, or the movies we go to see on our days off, Steve Jobs has had something to do with all of it. I was sitting at a restaurant having dinner when I received a few text messages on my iPhone about Steve Jobs passing away. In an instant, there were tons of articles, pictures, and tributes to the American genius. Most people did not even realize how much he had to do with all of these technological advancements that we now enjoy today. He had a huge impact on the tech world and will always be known for the amazing products that he made possible for us. Thank you Steve for all of my Apple products that I love and making all of our lives enriched with great, innovative technology!

Some of the new features from iOS5

Not only was the Twitter world exploding with tweets about Steve Jobs and his unfortunate death, but the iOS5 update for the iPhone was the thing to talk about. I added #iOS5 to my saved searches on Tuesday, Oct. 11 because I wanted to see when the update was released. I eagerly awaited the Oct. 12 launch of the software. There were rumors that it would be released at midnight but that was not the case. As I refreshed my tweets with the hashtag iOS5, everyone was let down that it was not there on as soon as it turned October 12th. Each minute, there were thousands of tweets about the iOS5 and there was so much anticipation about the 200+ new features that came along with it. This update is the most extensive update out of all of the operative systems that have been released since the launch of Apple’s iPhone.

There were a few problems that Apple ran into, as did I, during the launch of the iOS5. When it finally arrived, there were so many people who were trying to upgrade at the same time that there were errors all over the world. Over half of the people who were trying to upgrade could not do it because of this error. Of course, I was one of the individuals who had this internal communications error and was very frustrated with this whole situation. After calling AppleCare and them telling me that I will probably have to get a new phone, I looked to my social media outlets to get some more information. On my Facebook news feed, I saw that a ton of people were having the same problem. It relieved my worry that there was nothing wrong with my specific iPhone and that it was just an overwhelming amount of people trying to get the software at the same time. I found this article that explained the whole communication problem.

Although the experience was rather complicated and frustrating, considering I had been waiting at midnight for the software to launch and it didn’t release till 1pm, it was well worth the wait. One of the best features that this update includes is the integration of Twitter with the phone. This shows the worldwide importance of social media and how it is integrated into our lives every day. If you have not see all the iPhone features, here is a video of the new iOS5 software and what it has to offer its users.

Until next time, happy tweeting, texting, and talking!


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Mobile is moving…and fast

July 26, 2011
A Kickball

January 2010 - "Foursquare" = playground game, not check-ins

We’re just one week into the IMC summer break, so I’m going to come across as a big buzzkill here, but fall classes are now less than four weeks away. I’m actually chomping at the bit because this fall will be my last term in the IMC program — that much-awaited sense of accomplishment is looming large. I was thinking about my early fall class, IMC 629 – Mobile Marketing, today and realized how ideal it is to be taking this as my final elective before the Capstone class in late fall.

After all, if I had taken this class when I started the IMC program last January, just 18 months ago, I would have been learning about mobile marketing in a world where: the iPad didn’t exist yet; less than 1 in 5 Americans owned a smartphone (one-third do today); and Foursquare was 3400% smaller than it is now.

The rate of change shows no sign of slowing, either, especially considering some of the news items that have appeared in the past two weeks alone:

The "Amazon Kindle with Special Offers" trades a lower retail price for sponsored screensavers

We all know that technology moves fast, but mobile is moving fastest of all (The Washington Post reports that the rate of smartphone adoption outpaces almost any other high-tech product category, ever).

The lines are blurring, too, now that the e-Reader brands are entering the mobile spaces as tablets, apps, and advertising platforms.

My head is spinning so quickly at this point that I’m not even sure how to wrap-up this post. So, how about this: please share your thoughts about strategies for applying IMC principles to mobile platforms and we’ll talk about it in the comments. Then, I’ll come back in October with an updated post based on what I’ve picked up in IMC 629.

Sound OK? Great, then I’m going to go to bed. As soon as I check Facebook, scroll through my news apps, and take my turns on Words With Friends. What can I say? We’re living in a mobile world.