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How I Used Evernote to Rock my Grad Project

February 12, 2013

Evernote helps.

IMC Campaigns can be a bit overwhelming when you consider the fact that you have a whole slew of activities on your plate from strategy statement development to SWOT analysis and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Top marketers will vouch for insights and we all know where insights come from right? Research!

And that’s where Evernote comes into play. I’m sharing a bit of my experience with Evernote because it really helped me put together a solid campaign. A rebrand and any marketing effort for that matter should be done with strategic rigor. Analyzing articles and customer sentiment is a lengthy process and we’re not even talking about citations. Evernote made it easy for me to categorize my material.

Jose's graduate notebook.

There’s no need for a disclosure because I’m not connected to Evernote. I’m just a big fan of the tool because it helped me stay organized and on track in IMC Campaigns. What are some of your favorite tools for doing some incredible work? Feel free to hit me up for some additional tips on how to rock your Grad project.

Here’s to making it happen.