Analytics involves a lot of difficult numbers,  but the information you gain from those numbers is worthwhile. Analytics give you a chance to find out if you are effective at reaching your target audience. Analytics provides a roadmap to show you where your brand has been and figure out where to go from here. This roadmap shows the reason behind what posts work, when you should post, and why you should post effective content.

Website Analytics
Analytics give us information about how your public is reacting to the information you are giving them. Website analytics will tell you what kind of content that your online visitors are seeking when they visit your site.  Analytics will show you how long people spend on each page.

Do you have a lot of people leaving your website without a purchase? Analytics will help you discover how people use your website and when they leave, as well as potential indicators of trouble like spending too little or too much time in one place.  These indicators can show you the root of your website’s problems.

Social Media Analytics
Social media analytics can tell you how well you are reaching your target audience. Are you posting content that your followers want to see, or are you posting content that you think they want to see?  Analytics will allow you to track how well certain types of posts are doing.  Unsure if posting another product picture will be a good strategy?  Look at the analytics from the past and see how well your followers liked previous posts. Unsure about posting something a little out of the ordinary?  See how your followers responded in the past.  The results may surprise you.

Overall, analytics is exciting for marketers.  Analytics will tell you about the people you are reaching – their likes and dislikes, their interests, their hobbies, and their locations.  You may see opportunities through analytics you had not before.

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