Lessons from Groundhog Day



Groundhog Day is my favorite “non-traditional” holiday. There’s something exciting about a quirky groundhog predicting the weather based in Punxsutawney folklore. In addition to the holiday, there is an excellent 1993 movie Groundhog Day featuring Bill Murray, in which he is covering the Groundhog Day festivities for his local news station and gets stuck repeating Groundhog Day again and again. Here are some practical lessons from Groundhog Day that can be applied to graduate work in the IMC program:

  1. Once you master your school routine the program will become more manageable.


Bill Murray is initially thrown off-guard when he realizes he is trapped within Groundhog Day. However, his character uses that to his advantage to avoid stepping in a puddle, to perfect his television reporting skills and make the most of his newfound small-town lifestyle. The IMC program runs each class with the same structure as the introductory IMC 610 course. Students can use knowing the class routine to their advantage to work on research, reading, discussion posts, responses, writing and editing. Moral of the story, make the most of your “Groundhog Day” routine course schedule to excel in the graduate program.

2. Strive to make the most out of your word choice.


As IMC communicators, we tend to be long-winded on paper and in-person. The IMC program aims to make students concise communicators. Although you may have a lot to say on the topic, sometimes less is more.

3. Take advantage of the accelerated 8-week terms.


Unlike Bill Murray’s take on Groundhog Day, each of your classes will end within the 8-week term. While 8-weeks may seem short, there is a lot of work that goes into the two month span. If you find a course challenging, really lean into it because there are only 8-weeks and you can learn so much from your classmates, professors and colleagues. Plus, switching classes every 8-weeks keeps life interesting and students have the opportunity to learn about many different IMC topics.

4. Remember the end game is graduation!


While in the program, it may feel like graduation is so far away. However, after you complete your 11 courses you will have your master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Remember, you will also have 100% departure once capstone is complete.(You can do it!)

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone!

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