Achieve Your Grad Dream in 2017




New Year’s resolutions are a chance to start over, begin or simply try something new. The start of 2017 signals the time to make a change. For many people, New Year’s resolutions are not the easiest goals to attain. However, with small steps and strong willpower anything is possible. If your New Year’s resolutions include going back to school, having a successful semester or completing graduate school, here are some easy steps to help you excel.


  1. Planning to go back to graduate school

Now is a good time to start the application process. When choosing a start date, consider how graduate school will fit into your current lifestyle. If work tends to be less demanding in the summer, that could be a better start date than the traditional fall semester. In addition, look into the types of classes you will be taking and how you can apply them to your current job or future career aspirations. When I first considered the Integrated Marketing Communications program at WVU, I enjoyed the wide array of classes that matched my interests such as digital storytelling, public relations and social media. Once you start the application process, don’t be afraid to reach out to your campus contact with any questions or concerns. Also, family and friends make excellent proofreaders for your personal statement. (As well as a strong support system throughout grad school!)

  1. Preparing for a successful semester

The key to success is being prepared and developing a work-school-life balance that works best for you. Once you get into a routine with discussion posts, responses, papers and editing the semester goes much more smoothly. Pro tip: It doesn’t hurt to have a planner or organizer handy to write down your school routine until it becomes natural.


  1. Graduating from the IMC program

Whew! You did it! If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to graduate with your M.S. in IMC you are less than a year away from achieving that goal. As you begin this year, stay focused on your last few classes and try to do some early research for capstone. Capstone is your chance to showcase everything you have learned throughout the program and a bit of your personality with your selected client campaign.


New Year’s resolutions can seem daunting at the start of any year, but if you take them step by step they become manageable ways to achieve your dreams.

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