Streaming is the New Fan Experience



With emerging media, there are so many ways to experience any sports game without actually having to be in attendance. Just looking at this college football attendance from Patrick Rishe, there was over a 3.5% decrease in attendance from 2003 to 2015. Bowl games have seen a huge decrease in attendance as well. However, the Oregon vs. Ohio State championship game had about 33.4 million viewers on television.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 5.02.36 PM.png

So if people aren’t attending games, how are fans watching their favorite teams. With streaming options across different apps and live updates on social media. Kickoff weekend of college football this year saw record numbers of viewers. There was 3,900,000 unique viewers for 391,100,000 live minutes streamed in opening weekend through ESPN. Compared to last season, unique viewers was up 57% and live minutes viewed up 86%.


When looking at social media, College Football on ESPN’s Facebook has almost 375,000 likes, their Twitter has 1.5 million followers, and the Instagram has 475,000 followers. It seems Twitter is the biggest social media outlet for sports fans, especially football. Looking at the NFL, Twitter won a bidding war this year to stream Thursday night games. Twitter  beat out Amazon, Yahoo, and Verizon to stream 10 games this season. Facebook dropped out of the bidding when they couldn’t agree on advertising.

Emerging media has been a big player in the way fans consume sports.Whether it is watching it on television from your couch, sitting in the stadium, or streaming from mobile devices on apps or social media. Even if a fan misses the game, there are so many ways through social media and apps to catch the big plays and highlights. One can’t help but wonder as more advances in technology come about, will there be less live fans and more streaming. What do you think; is emerging media supporting or hurting the sports industry?

-Alyssa Hough

Alyssa Hough is an IMC student currently in IMC 619 Emerging Media & the Market. This blog post originally appear on her blog: Alyssa’s IMC Blog. Check out her blog for more posts!

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