Get to Know the Online and Offline Makeup of the IMC@WVU Community



On the West Virginia University campus current students, faculty, and graduates of the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate program gathered at the new state-of-the-art Media Innovation Center at Evansdale Crossing to network, learn and discuss the latest integrated marketing communication strategies and trends.  Each year, the conference continues to provide attendees unparalleled access to thought leaders and influencers. I have attended many professional development events and the conversations generally end at the close of each session. At INTEGRATE the speakers encourage attendees to ask questions after their presentations and the dialogue even continues during periods of transition. I met the first speaker Geno Church, Word of Mouth Inspiration Officer Brains on Fire ad agency, on the shuttle ride to the campus. You generally would not get this kind of access to the presenters at other industry events. It would be apparent to any outside observer attending this event or following the #INTEGRATE16 hashtag that this community is engaged, passionate and focused on helping others reach their professional development goals. Many graduate programs end after you walk across the stage. With IMC, you join a community when you become a graduate student in this program.


It would make sense that if you want to join a community you would probably start with researching the market. One way to understand the social makeup of a community is to find out about the existing members interests and passions. What naturally occurring tribes do you think exist within the WVU IMC online community (@wvuimc)? The data presented in the audience visualization was run over a month long period (04/25/16 – 05/25/16) using the Affinio – Marketing Intelligence Platform.


The interests and passions (shown above) segment this community into eight distinct tribes: Digital Strategists, News + Entertainment, Public Relations, General, Integrated Marketing, WVU Community, Mountaineers, Virginia.

For example, how does the PR tribe self-describe on Twitter and where are they located?




Even though this program is entirely taught online, you might be surprised by how close you are geographically connected to another fellow student, alumni or faculty of the program. Take a look at this interactive Google map below to check out the locations of individuals affiliated with this community.


To learn more about marketing intelligence that leverages the social graph please connect with the Affinio team.

How could you use this type of audience data in your next marketing campaign?

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