IMC & Higher Education-Do They Mix?



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How can the WVU IMC program benefit those who work in higher education?

Throughout my time in the IMC program, many people have asked me why I chose the program and how it relates to working in higher education. By asking this questions, most of these people were trying to ask whether or not the degree had value in the job market and if I could apply my knowledge in my chosen career path.

Well, I can attest that the IMC degree is highly valued and in need in the higher education field! I currently work for a small, undergraduate college in Virginia as an Admissions Counselor, but my IMC education has benefited me in my role in so many ways. The IMC program contains so many different forms of communication that play vital roles in any kind of business. I love higher education and marketing! Being able to combine my passions throughout some of my IMC classes has made the program a standout in my eyes.

Higher education institutions need people to manage social media accounts and campaigns, create press releases, analyze website and social media data, create appealing advertisements, and much more in the marketing communications field. That’s where the IMC degree comes in! I see the IMC program producing students who are described as a “Jack of all Trades”.

Throughout my time in the IMC program, I have been able to take away something from each class that can be used in a college administration profession. Some key takeaways I have found through the program include:

  • Being able to create marketing plans for your institution in your courses (One of my favorite things about the program!)
  • Learning how social media impacts college students and incoming students
  • How to effectively and efficiently present a pitch for new marketing or business plans
  • How to communicate within an organization and with external partners
  • Discover new tools that you can use in your strategies
  • Conduct research for your institution in regards to marketing and advertising
  • And learning alongside other higher education marketers

If you’re working in higher education marketing or interested in any field that requires  marketing communication, the WVU IMC program may be the program for you!

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