Finding Inspiration



I just started IMC619 Emerging Media and the Market. This class includes the creation of a blog with a minimum of one post per week. My initial reaction to this requirement was there was no way I was going to be able to come up with ideas for one weekly post, let alone the possibility of more. What I’m finding, however, is that through the class discussions, there are lots of topics that I can write about I hadn’t even thought of before.

For instance, this week we are discussing Fortune 500 companies and how they market to minority populations. I find it interesting that only 4% of these companies have a minority at the helm while minority groups, such as Asian Americans. generate the highest spending (Berman, 2015). Disney has separate websites for English-speaking and Latin-speaking guests. The websites are very different in how they are created with different color schemes and focuses of information.

latin disney

regular disney (Raziuddin, 2015).

While these are just two examples of things that have sparked my interest and will more than likely become topics for my IMC619 blog posts, there are a plethora of others that come from the reading materials as well as the discussion posts from other classmates. The Fortune 500 leadership information is something I found in my own research while the information about the Disney sites came from a classmates post.

My point is that there will be classes throughout your IMC course work that will challenge you and maybe even overwhelm you from the moment you read the syllabus. When this happens, remember to react with a mindset that you CAN do this. Take a deep breath, do your own research and read classmates posts and the responses. I have no doubt that you’ll soon be finding inspiration that you never thought of for posts and responses!



Raziuddin, Sarim. (2015, October, 28). Disney !Aja!. Retrieved from

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