Is Flat Design Here to Stay?



New Google logo GIF

This week, Google introduced its new logo to the world, marking the biggest visual refresh for the brand since the ’90s. And as one would imagine, it’s stirring up quite a bit of discussion in the design world.  While many elements of the design remain the same (colorful letters, the tilted ‘e’), you’ll notice two major updates in the new logo.

Sans-serif typeface

Serifs are those small lines at the end of a stroke in a letter:


In recent years, marketers have been cleaning up their logos by adopting sans-serif typefaces. The resulting image is much simpler and transfers better to constrained spaces (think: phones, smart watches).

Also, as designer Tobias Frere-Jones points out, the roundness in the letters has been accentuated, creating a more visually appealing image.

“They’ve chosen to emphasize every circle they could find, which is an effective way to create a friendly and approachable impression.”

Flattened design

Marketers are also migrating toward simplicity in color in brand elements like logos, and Google has hopped on the trend with this newly rolled out design.

This is largely in sync with the movement away from skeuomorphism, which is the concept of applying design cues from the physical world to digital, essentially trying to make things on screen look 3D. Flat designs, in contrast, make no use of shadows or gradients, embracing the limitations of the display with a two-dimensional design.

Take a look at the video Google released to announce the new logo, and share your thoughts on the new design!

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