Navigating the Zero Moment of Truth with Paul Roetzer & Marcus Sheridan at #INTEGRATE15


What’s become clear is that marketers today face challenges that we have never faced before.  We are pulled in varying directions, asked to do more with less, and essentially pave our own way in the job market.  As Scott Cuppari said, “The marketing landscape has changed more in the last two years of my career than in the previous 18.”  With all of that nagging at our minds 24/7, how do we rise to the challenge?

Paul Roetzer, Founder & CEO of PR 20/20 and author, touched on a number of different ways in which we, as marketers, can better take advantage of these changes and move in a direction that helps us better adjust to the changing marketing landscape.

Paul communicated great strategies that will help marketers better build relationships with customers before they reach the moment of purchase.  Communicating with customers during the Zero Moment of Truth (during their research phase before they actually make a purchase) helps marketers build relationships and create top-of-mind awareness.  Transitioning out of a disruptive manner of marketing and into a more cohesive and collaborative process helps to build relationships with customers.

What this relationship does is build trust.  Marcus Sheridan, Inbound Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Author of The Sales Lion blog, says the focal point of successful marketing and customer engagement is trust.  Eliminating customer fears and accommodating those that are interested in your company (instead of yourself) prevents you from “being the K-Mart” of your industry.

So, how do we create these relationships in the Zero Moment of Truth?  Address your elephants. Marcus Sheridan spoke about owning the conversation happening online about your industry.  Embrace honesty, embrace transparency, and own the conversation.  Find customer concerns regarding price, problems, and competitors and create content that addresses these concerns.  This not only causes the customers to trust you, but you set the foundation for building successful relationship before they even contact you directly.  Companies become thought leaders, which adds value to the relationship.

An important concept in regards to content marketing is that businesses can no longer count on consumer ignorance as a marketing strategy.  Customers will find the “elephants” and if you don’t address them honestly and transparently you will lose out on the conversation.  Owning that conversation and being honest about who you are and what you do can put you ahead of your competitors.

What actionable items can you implement tomorrow that impact the Zero Moment of Truth?

2 Responses to “Navigating the Zero Moment of Truth with Paul Roetzer & Marcus Sheridan at #INTEGRATE15”

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