#Integrate15: Networking


The day sessions at INTEGRATE are a fascinating, educational component of the two-day experience. Equally enjoyable, however, are the opportunities to socialize outside of these scheduled presentations.

I’ve met WVU IMC instructors, former classmates, fellow bloggers and new IMC friends. INTEGRATE conversations are an incredible reminder of the range of talent and experience connected with this conference.

Here are some photos from Friday’s Graduate Pinning Ceremony and Networking Reception:

image (17)

Shout out to my fellow WVU IMC bloggers attending #Integrate15! I first met Kat and Julie last year at INTEGRATE. Sarah and I met at graduation in May; we also shared the same Capstone course. It’s great connecting with these bloggers in person.



WVU IMC graduates participating in the Graduate Pinning Ceremony on Friday. Thanks to Tyler for snapping this shot with a selfie stick!


image (15)

Becky, Becky and I thought we would take a “Rebecca” photo as we all share the same name. This was my first time meeting these two, and they were so friendly! One of the great things about INTEGRATE is how easy it is to start a conversation with anyone attending. Meeting others who share your passion (and in my case, name!) is always inspiring.


What was your favorite part about Friday evening’s events? Did you meet any former classmates or instructors?


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5 Responses to “#Integrate15: Networking”

  1. Becky Says:

    Forget the “Power of 12.” We have the Power of Three Rebeccas! 😉

  2. Laura Garner Says:

    The networking reception is a heat chance to meet up with classmates, faculty and speakers and talk over the great learning of the day. You get a glimpse of those oppotunities in the photos you shared.

  3. amandasamsbradshaw Says:

    The networking session last night was wonderful! I met all but 2 of the professors I have had in this program. I also met all of my current classmates since I am in the INTEGRATE Conference Elective now! It has been wonderful to put faces with names. Thanks to everyone for all of the hard work that went into putting this event together.

  4. paulrhien Says:

    I am sad that the other classmates weren’t able to join you for the pinning ceremony. Wanted to come celebrate our friends accomplishments!

  5. ellenmatis Says:

    Networking was great at Integrate! It’s always awesome to meet fresh, new faces that have similar interests and, more importantly, BIG ideas.

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