Customizing the customer experience ecosystem with Scott Cuppari at #INTEGRATE15

More and more companies are being asked to build relationships with their customers, but what happens when you take that relationship a step further?  #INTEGRATE15′s Saturday opening keynote, Scott Cuppari Global Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Freestyle, gave us a little insight into what it’s like to not only create a cohesive and engaging customer relationship, but to build a customer experience ecosystem that personifies your brand.


Scott encouraged us to not stop at a destination, but think about what that destination may mean for our experience ecosystem.  If you’re directing a customer to a billboard, web site, mobile app, or web banner…what happens next?  What is the next option or action that takes the customer from completing a mutually beneficial transaction (purchasing, downloading, etc.) to going on a brand journey.  Essential…now what? What’s the authentic message that fits with your brand?




What is the take away from that experience?  More importantly, taking customers on a journey requires that you tailor your message to your brand and the medium.  If customer’s can’t digest the information when they get there, your company is missing an opportunity to bring them along on the rest of the journey.  As Scott said, “It’s not enough to do something well, you have to customize it.”


As marketers we need to think about creating a personalized journey for customers in our experience ecosystem because that’s what will turn them into brand advocates.


What steps will you take?

4 Responses to “Customizing the customer experience ecosystem with Scott Cuppari at #INTEGRATE15”

  1. paulrhien Says:

    VERY engaging presentation from Scott, and kudos to the student blog team for posting in real-time. The need for consumer personalization is such an important trend, and Coca-Cola Freestyle is nailing it!

  2. rmort27 Says:

    When thinking about the steps we need to take to create a personalized journey, the first step I think of is figuring out the differences between all of my audiences and how to personalize the experiences to each of them–what’s similar? what’s different?

    Great presentation with a ton of takeaways.

  3. ellenmatis Says:

    I liked the idea that Scott mentioned of creating “custom, exclusive, I’m-in-the-know experiences.” He said for millennials, but I think that concept can apply to almost any demographic.

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