How To Name A Marketing Agency


The first surprising thing I discovered in my IMC Capstone journey is that naming a marketing agency really tests your creative skill. Idea? Google it. Already taken. Better idea? Backspace and Google again. Also taken.

It’s a process I recommend starting before Week 1 if you can. I learned to prioritize the “how” of my then yet-to-be-named agency. How did I want my agency to approach a client’s project? That starting point inspired me to then relate my concept to less-literal names, finally leading me to a winner.

During this process, I stumbled upon a helpful agency name graphic I hope you’ll find just as useful.

While I mostly recognized the Founder names, the other categories offered the most inspirational ideas during my brainstorming process.

Because Capstone requires you to thread your agency’s unique approach throughout your integrated marketing proposal for the chosen client, take some time to build a strong foundation for your project. Having a clear agency identity makes writing other sections in your project easier to accomplish because you have a defined perspective to work from.

WVU IMC alum, current and future Capstoners: What advice/comments/questions do you have about naming a marketing agency?


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5 Responses to “How To Name A Marketing Agency”

  1. KatShanahan Says:

    Great information, Rebecca! What did you end up naming your agency?

    • rolsavsky286 Says:

      Thanks, Kat! I chose Left Brain Creative and embraced a “left brain / right idea” philosophy. People usually think creativity is only for the right brain, but a left-brain (logical) strategy is so important to driving the creative journey in right direction!

  2. Julie Link Says:

    Great agency name, Rebecca, I like it! I designed my agency’s focus around the Millennial target. I found myself channeling Millennials by looking around on Pinterest for imagery that resonates with them. It might seem unconventional, but looking at tattoos paid off with an agency name that I’m happy with: Arrow Integrated Marketing (AIM). Get it…Arrow…AIM? It has been fun to play with.

  3. KatShanahan Says:

    Nice work, ladies! I love your agency names and the thought process behind them. Thanks for sharing great information for those of us starting the capstone soon!

  4. Mike Kohler Says:

    Cool! I’ll use this in IMC 633.

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