4 Responses to “5 Logo Design Tips”

  1. Mike Kohler Says:

    Kat, I think you would be intrigued, maybe just amused, by a band of young west coast entrepreneurs called Namella. Check out their site at Namella.com. They’re proposition: They’ll brand your new business for $175! I know lots of people who have used them; I used them for a fun side project.

  2. Jessy Shaw Says:

    Kat, I really like your tip about making the logo timeless. Logo design seems like it can be really tricky, especially if the company has to change it with the trends. You are right when you say the company itself should be able to show what it can do, not the logo. A logo entices the customer, the company itself is what keeps them coming back.

  3. melody brown Says:

    I agree with what you said about making the logo scalable. My friend was creating a logo for his business, and it looked great as a small logo. When the business grew he had to make it bigger for a sign and everything looked misproportioned, so he decided to just remake the logo.

  4. Amit Ray Says:

    Very simple explanation yet clear. Keeping it simple is the beauty in explanation visually or in text. Well done.

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