The Best of #TheDress


At this point, who doesn’t have an opinion on #TheDress?


The question of February 26, 2015: What color is the dress?

I’m guessing I wasn’t the only IMC student whose favorite part of the dress debacle involved seeing how brands capitalized on its viral hashtags. You can view some of the best brand tweets here, but I’ve also included some favorites from my Twitter feed below:


Fans of the ABC modern fairytale show loved seeing character references of Snow White and Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) connected to #TheDress.


Cirque du Soleil wasn’t afraid to offer their unique opinion of #TheDress color…


…and IKEA agreed. Is anyone else on team #blueandyellow?

What are your favorite brand references to #TheDress?



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4 Responses to “The Best of #TheDress”

  1. Kristen Maine Gatdula Says:

    Reblogged this on Meet Krisma.

  2. Julie Link Says:

    Lego has an excellent one!

  3. mtietbohl Says:

    I had to laugh at Ikea’s response…nice post Rebecca!

  4. jlfrazer Says:

    Although I did see the dress in each of the color sets, I did not understand the confusion until talking to groups of people. Within the groups different people saw the same picture in different ways.

    Responses from different companies like IKEA and Cirque, among many others, were fun and kept the story going.

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