The Tireless ‘Share a Coke’ Name Search.


I can’t help it. Every time I wait in the checkout line, my eyes scan the nearest cooler or “Shake a Coke” display for a drink featuring my name. I still haven’t found it on a Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, or Coke Zero- all of which are part of the “Share a Coke” campaign.

share a coke

Luckily, however, the company allows you to add your name to a virtual bottle and share it through social media, suggesting that the act of sharing is more important than the drink itself. I have to admit, it’s pretty satisfying seeing my name on the virtual bottle, even if that’s all it is- virtual.

Of course I wanted to share a Coke with all of you as well! Unfortunately, this is the response I received when I typed WVU IMC:

WVU IMC share a coke

Sorry, everyone…

Another interesting component of the campaign involves its tour stops where you can personalize a mini Coke and immediately have the label printed on your drink.

What do you think about the “Share a Coke” campaign and how it fits with the brand’s identity? Have you visited a tour stop to personalize a drink?


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One Response to “The Tireless ‘Share a Coke’ Name Search.”

  1. julie link Says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    My family attended the WVU vs. Alabama football game in Atlanta a few weeks ago. We went to a Chick-fil-a sponsored pre-game tailgate and the mini Coke machine was there! Now my family of four has personalized Cokes with our names on them on a shelf at home. My daughter who has a unique name not to be found on souvenir key chains or pens was especially thrilled. “Share a Coke with Keaton” is an extra special treat! While we waited in line we heard Coke event employees tell others not to try to submit Moutaineers, brand names or celebrity names. So I guess if your name is really Beyonce or Charlize or Madonna or Sting, you’ve got to prove it to Coke before you can have your custom can.
    Great post!

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