INTEGRATE2014 Recap: Lee Odden


Digital Convergence: The Integrated Marketing & PR Imperative was a knock out session. Lee Odden’s dynamic presentation style captivated the audience and gave us great tips and reminders to incorporate into our IMC worlds.

After engaging in the session, I think my blog title is a bit misleading.  There is no way a blog post would even make a dent in recapping Lee’s session or capturing the amazing information and presentation style shared with us this morning.

So, if you weren’t at the session (or even if you were) I challenge you to think of the word “optimizing” very differently.  It seems as though every time I mention the word “optimize” people automatically think of it in terms of digital media or graphic design.  The biggest take away from the session today was optimizing content for your audience.  Lee encouraged us to start the marketing process with empathy.  As marketers we need to think of what are customers need and how we can help them get it.  How can we optimize our content to help our clients get where they need to go?   How can we make their jobs and their lives easier so that they will want to communicate with us?  He mentioned journalists as a prime example.  Years ago journalists were not thought of as a target market, but Lee saw them as a target market and changed the way he provided information to them.  Instead of simple press releases the information was rich and included materials journalists need, but don’t have the time to track down.  Starting with empathy lead to significant changes in the way the information was presented. You need to make sure that when a customer is looking for answers, your information is there to help them.

Lee also empowered the audience to think a bit differently (Not surprising).  He reiterated that we can change the game in regards to content marketing.  As he says, “If you want to be in the media, become the media.”

I”ll leave you with Lee’s 3 Key Takeaways and highly encourage you to speak with him at the conference, or see him present in the near future.  If talking to people isn’t your thing, you can read his blog or check out his book, Optimize.

  • If you want to be in the media – become the media
  • Build amplification into the content design process – be the best answer wherever customers are looking
  • Keep content accountable across channels – attract, engage, convert


If you attended Lee’s session or have read his book, Optimize, what were your favorite parts? What got you the most excited?

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7 Responses to “INTEGRATE2014 Recap: Lee Odden”

  1. Valerie Lee Ater Says:

    I’ve not read Lee’s book but was at the session. My take away from his session was similar to that of other sessions and that is to find the best means to “optimize” the personalization of the customer.

    Often optimizing might include the same concept as Gini Dietrich discussed yesterday with telling the story from the perspective of the consumer and the employee as well as the marketing and PR perspective.

    I was energized my Lee’s graphic on the “Customer Information Journey”- to “Discover- Consume – Act.” By using empathy and truly discovering our customer one can the. Identify the ways and means in which we need to act in order to best reach their needs and desires.

  2. Jerome Brown Says:

    I think many organizations, especially small organizations, feel they have no voice or no way of getting their target audience to hear their voice. Lee’s point about “if you want to make sure your seen in the media, you need to be the media” is so important. It can be as easy as making your content highly consumable and easy to use.

  3. Rickie Rose Says:

    One of the biggest take-a-ways for me is knowing who the target audience is and what they are looking for. People like what they like and unless they are “nudged” to go another way, they generally stick to what they know. Lee did a great job captioning the attention the audience and teaching us the true mean of optimization and how to properly optimize.

  4. Nick Taylor Says:

    Lee nailed it – it is about optimizing content for our audience and being accountable. If you can’t find a platform that works then you need to “become the media” and do it yourself. I’m glad he has a book going in more detail because I plan to get it and utilize his insight.

  5. Jerome Brown Says:

    We had a discussion of responsive design during the presentation today. When considering responsive design, also consider adaptive design.

    Responsive design is typically focused on adjusting the web experience based on the device that is being used to view a site. Adaptive however not only considers the device but also the viewer. If a viewer has previously shown interest in a specific topic or product, adaptive design will allow a site to present that visitor with content relevant to historical viewing patterns.

    It’s an awesome user experience even though it takes some additional programming and planning.

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