INTEGRATE2014: Nice to meet you.


Raise your hand if you’ve met former professors, fellow classmates, and new friends at INTEGRATE2014. *raises hand*

Earlier today I had the opportunity to meet Jessica while I was waiting for the afternoon breakout session, “Creative Strategist| Strategic Creative- Which One Are You Becoming?”


Jessica and I were in the same Brand Equity Management class.

I’m also excited that I met Dr. Freberg, who is teaching my current PR Concepts and Strategy class. Plus, spending time with fellow IMC bloggers Kat and Julie has been so much fun! And let’s not forget our session speakers. Yesterday I had lunch with NASCAR’s David Higdon. It’s very inspiring to be surrounded by so many people who are passionate about integrated marketing communications.

What has been your favorite networking aspect of INTEGRATE? How many fellow classmates have you met?

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4 Responses to “INTEGRATE2014: Nice to meet you.”

  1. Valerie Lee Ater Says:

    My favorite networking aspect of INTEGRATE is, and has been each each year that I attend to put a face to a name. Be able to connect to current and former professors as well as current, former and future classmates in the IMC Program. It is fun to learn about new opportunities that classmates and professors alike have been afforded over the past year or years.

    I can still remember my first INTEGRATE experience and the friendships that I made then and continue to have now. It amazes me that with the busy lifestyle(s) that many of our professors have, they can still remember various things about me even without having had contact with me for perhaps a year or two.

    I have been fortunate to not only meet classmates and other members of this program this year but several of us got together for a “girls afternoon” for manicure/pedicure and other pampering on Thursday afternoon. I think I lost count of the number of classmates I met or met up with this year- the friendships that I have made at INTEGRATE are ones that I cherish and through the wonders of technology and social media and maintain hopefully for years to come.

  2. Jerome Brown Says:

    This is my third INTEGRATE and each time it gets better. One of the best parts of coming to these programs if the ability to build connections. Connections to WVU, connections to the IMC program, and connections to fellow classmates. Thanks to everyone who took the time to engage in some conversation, share opinions, and yes, even a cold beverage! Much love to IMC, WVU and all us Mountaineers!!

  3. Valerie Lee Ater Says:

    Additionally, one of the great things about INTEGRATE is everyone is on the same level. It is great to see the personalities behind those that are offering their knowledge and time to teach us about the various facets of IMC.

    It is a time where there is no divide as to student or professor but rather a time where we can all be peers with a common interest- IMC.

    INTEGRATE has given me the opportunity to see professors in a different light and has upon occasion been a factor in choosing to take a particular class ( maybe switching professors or taking a class because of the personality and excitement a professor has in real time).

  4. Rickie Rose Says:

    I was really excited to meet my first teacher in the program, Matthew Cummings. He was exactly how I pictured and he remembered me which made me excited. I also met my two current teachers, Dr. Larry and Prof. Bennentt who knew me before I could say their name. It was impressive. Overall, meeting everyone has been a dream come true and I feel so blessed.

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