INTEGRATE2014 Recap: Capstone Prep


The Capstone Prep Session was a great way to start the conference! I left the session with so many great ideas and I’m very excited to take the capstone class. (I’m actually a little disappointed I won’t be taking it until next fall!)

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Einstein


In case you missed it or forgot to take notes, here are some tips shared at the session this morning!

-Budget your time
-Talk to people in your network
-Keep your focus
-Bring your insights
-Bring your ideas
-Bring your best game — it’s about you and how you present yourself to the world. It’s how you see yourself
-Preparation begins now – start research before you start class
-Strategy is not a tagline
-Don’t think like a student – think like a CEO. You must be a full IMC agency for nine weeks
-Clients don’t want to hear what they already know. It has to be different.

IMC Creativity
– Get to the core – ICSS
– Find the novel approach – something new
– Take risks – but stay on strategy

If you want an A you have to B(e) –

Research Tips
1 – Do basics really well
2 – Go a step beyond – trade journals
3 – Get your own insights – look for gaps in existing research

I hope you find this list helpful! For those of you who have taken the class, anything you’d like to add?

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7 Responses to “INTEGRATE2014 Recap: Capstone Prep”

  1. Valerie Lee Ater Says:

    Thanks for the tips. I was unable to be there this morning.

  2. Valerie Lee Ater Says:

    These tips reinforce the concept of thinking” out of the box” and seeking more than what appears on the surface when developing creative strategies. #integrate14

  3. Nick Taylor Says:

    Thanks so much for publishing this information. I didn’t get to make it this morning so having this info will be a great help.

  4. carolynsennett Says:

    You’ve capture many of the key points outlined in today’s session. Thanks for this great recap.

  5. Rickie Rose Says:

    I have already been brainstorming about my capstone. This session prepared me for capstone and life in general. I feel confident that I will succeed in capstone when my time comes around!

  6. Jerome Brown Says:

    Capstone…sounds so intimidating. I was happy to see some great examples and to hear direct input on what’s expected. Taking your game to the next level seems to be the common message so anyone getting ready for the capstone class, you better bring it! Being able to hear advice from previous students was very helpful as well.

    I have to admit, while the performance bar is set pretty high by our professors, I would be very worried if it wasn’t. Some people turn their nose up to online programs. When I meet them I just explain what we have to do each week with the IMC program. I get shocked expressions most times and those expressions are usually accompanied by the question “plus you have to work full time and you have two kids??? How do you do it?”.

    The capstone is just another example of how our rigorous program helps develop true IMC professionals with the skills to tackle tough problems and develop strategically sound programs.

  7. Valerie Ater Says:

    If only I knew that St. Jude would be the client next spring… I’d begin my research now with a field trip to the hospital to see first hand the amazing work that the client does. Food for thought for those of you that know this will be your client. What better way to research than face-to-face?!

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