Help INTEGRATE Speaker Gini Dietrich Spread the Message that #SpinSucks


INTEGRATE 2014 will be kicking off in roughly two months with not to be missed breakout sessions and featured speakers! Being held in an intimate academic setting affords you, the attendee, the opportunity to directly interact with IMC thought leaders. As a two time conference attendee, I encourage you to become part of the discussion early and often on the issues that directly impact your industry, career, and academic future. Make this weekend an annual event where you completely devote yourself to IMC professional development. What you will take away will be more valuable than the financial and personal commitment you will have to exert to make it out to Morgantown during the weekend of May 30th-31st.

Looking at the schedule, one of the featured speakers that I am most excited to see this year is Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, a Chicago-based integrated marketing communications firm.


Gini Dietrich


Gini’s name first crossed my path when I first began to curate an integrated marketing board on Pinterest. The book she co-authored with Geoff Livingston titled, Marketing in the Round graced my IMC search field. From that pin on, I become a follower.
Spin Sucks
In preparation for the release of her new book, Gini posted an opportunity to her followers on to become ambassadors of the book. She had over 800 responses and her team narrowed down the applicant list to 160. I entered my name into the pool and was selected as a Spin Sucks ambassador and was afforded the opportunity to read the book in advance of the release!

If you are looking for a holistic guide to navigating the PR field, this book should be considered your bible. I found Gini’s perspective refreshing and I trust her claims and examples because they are backed by a PR/IMC  professional who has all the necessary industry credentials and accolades.

Outside of academic material, which can often be too cerebral, outdated, or action-oriented, this book exceeded my expectations. As an avid business book reader, this book has tips and tricks that I have not used or heard of yet. A few of my favorite tips and tools included: Talkwalker Alerts, Manage the Content Scrapers, and Livefrye.

In regards to the specific field of IMC, this book will resonate even with students, like myself, who do not have a traditional PR background. If nothing else, you will better be able to appreciate a field that has disdainfully been labeled as a spin producing factory. At the conclusion of the book, I was distinctly left with the impression that Gini is trying to help the PR industry take back the field (minus the spin) by redefining the future of the industry.

If I have not been able to convince you to start to follow Gini, she will sway you better with the award winning thought leadership content she shares on social media. Just Google her name and you will see the full list of industry accolades that she and her team have been able to achieve without the use of spin! After all, spin really does suck.


Linked In


I hope you were one of the first 50 registrants for INTEGRATE 2014. I heard that you will be receiving a complimentary copy of her book! If you did not sign up in time, her book is available both in print and in electronic formats from your trusted fine retailers. If you purchase the book before April 5th and email Gini
( | Subject Line: I Bought Spin Sucks!) a receipt she will send you free ebooks and webinars. She continues posting even more content.

If you have read her book, help spread the message that #SpinSucks across your social channels.

Since we are about two months away from the conference, you still have time to read Spin Sucks! Come prepared for a lively discussion at INTEGRATE, just make sure to leave any and all spin at home. See you at INTEGRATE 2014!

Comment below and let me know if I will see you there!

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