The 24-Hour Challenge


When my friend Grace told me she signed up for a 24-hour design challenge to benefit a nonprofit project, I immediately had two reactions: jealousy* and doubt. Is it even possible to design and begin to implement a quality campaign –including every branding and web presence element you can imagine-  in one day’s time?

It is.

health race

Photo Credit: The Great Health Race

The 2014 Louisiana “Design-A-Thon” sponsored by Doublet Media presented the nearly 20 challenge participants with the New Orleans Council for Community & Justice’s youth wellness program, “The Great Health Race.” The program plans to educate and empower middle and high school students of New Orleans to pursue health-conscious lifestyles, according to “The Great Health Race” website– a site developed during the design-a-thon, of course! Health advocacy through student leadership is another core aspect of the program.

Split into design, development, and public relations teams, those in the design-a-thon spent a day relying on their creative talents to form the campaign’s elements.

Inspiring. That’s one of the words Grace used to describe the experience.

The design-a-thon is a perfect example of what can happen when skill and collaboration meet. Although the experience was inspiring in itself for my friend, it also moved me to pass along the torch of inspiration to readers of this blog.

What causes can we contribute our talents toward? Simply promoting awareness of worthy projects can help – and it only takes a minute.




Tweet: #GreatHealthRace

Thanks to Grace for sharing her experience! Check out her personal blog, change ya mind. change ya life.


*We live over 1,000 miles away from each other. Not convenient. Maybe West Virginia and Louisiana could move closer together?

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