Little things.


Hi there! This is my “initiation” into the IMC student blogging team, so I think it’s best to start off with the basics.


My name’s Rebecca, and Wheeling, WV is my home. I graduated with a professional communications degree from Wheeling Jesuit University last May and am currently working as a reporter for The Intelligencer/ Wheeling News-Register. I pretty much love anything creative. Photography, architecture, painting, typography, DIY projects… the list could go on.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater is a must-see in the fall! I definitely plan to make a return visit in the spring. The architecture is incredible.

While considering how I plan to approach these blog posts, one thought really stuck with me. The bloggers who draw big inspiration from little things always inspire me to reevaluate my perspective- both on career and life.

Last summer I was lucky enough to travel Central Europe. Ten days, 7 cities- Munich, Nuremberg, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Melk, and Salzburg. (I would also like to list London in that tally, but seeing as we only had a brief layover in England and weren’t able to leave Heathrow, I don’t think the airport really counts as an immersive experience. Another trip for another time…)

Documenting the adventure, I took almost 1,000 photos. Oddly enough, those that I revisit most when I’m feeling nostalgic for Europe aren’t the photos that feature “landmarks” like the Hungarian Parliament Building or The Sound of Music gazebo– Remember when Liesl was 16 going on 17? Don’t get me wrong; I value these just as much! But there’s something about photos featuring the everyday, little things in Europe that trigger vivid memories from my experience.

P snail

Finding a snail trekking across a brick wall while we waited in the hotel courtyard for a taxi to take us to our group’s first big dinner out in Prague.

BeFunky_Central Europe 318.jpg

Taking a moment to appreciate the daisies growing in the Schönbrunn Palace gardens that display incredibly well-groomed bushes outlining a maze of pathways.

It’s the little things that often offer perspective on the big experience.

b views 1

An observant statue admires the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest.


Connecting this back to my blogging approach… Integrated marketing is partly the art of perspective. You could say a Subaru commercial isn’t a “little thing”.  (This ad is pure brilliance.) But in context of the auto industry trend to sell brands rooted in human emotion, a commercial featuring a Subaru-driving dad and nervous daughter anxiously waiting for the bus to arrive on the first day of school is a single application of a big idea about wanting to protect loved ones. Way to go, Subaru.

I look forward to sharing more inspiration with fellow bloggers and the IMC community!


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4 Responses to “Little things.”

  1. wilclarke Says:

    Thanks Rebecca, your pictures are beautiful and I have to admit I’m a photo junky as well. We all look forward to reading what I’m sure will be a very creative perspective.
    Good luck!

  2. katshanahan Says:

    Hi Rebecca! Welcome to the blogging team! I am so excited that you’re a Canon fan. I love photography and am thrilled to have more photographers on the blogging team. I look forward to reading your posts and sharing photos!

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