Google Glass. Is it in my future?


This week I received my invitation to join the Google Glass explorers group.  The limited group of people who are specially chosen to purchase, use and provide feedback to the Google team on their experiences with the new Glass device.  When I received the email I was very excited.  It was similar to when I received the invitation to join gmail ‘back in the day.’  Yes, when gmail was first launched, you had to be invited to join.  Well, I immediately clicked the Join button on the Glass invite to see just how soon I could get my device.  I had visions of being part of the uber-cool techno generation.  Walking through various gatherings, checking in, sharing photos and videos with all my friends, and saying things like “OK Glass find Sushi close by.”  I was ready to be cool!

I quickly discovered that Glass was expensive. $ 1,500 expensive.   Bummer.  I’m not sure I am ready to spend that kind of money on a first generation device so I did what came naturally and started combing the web for more details.

  • View: Heads up display that appears as a 640 x 360 display hovering just above the corner of your right eye.
  • Battery life: Between 3 and 5 hours.
  • Interface: A number of gestures and voice commands work together with a sidebar swipe pad to operate the device.
  • Voice and Video calls: When paired with a cell phone or on Wi-Fi calls can be made via Google Hangouts.
  • Aps: So far I have been able to find about 150 aps.  Maps, Exercise trackers, music players, social media, etc.  Typical stuff.
  • Voice Recognition: Like Siri, this is a good first attempt.  However it still has a way to go before being highly accurate.
  • Connectivity:  Bluetooth compatible devices can interface with Glass.  From reports of existing users, Android devices have a much better experience.
  • Ergonomics:  Wear prescription lenses?  Glass can fit around them but from what some users say it is bulky and sometimes uncomfortable fit.
  • Camera: 5MP photos and 720P video
  • Economics:  Did I mention they cost $1,500?

Am I ready to invest in this device?  I think I’m going to have to wait for a while.  Unfortunately at this time I just cannot come up with enough good points to outweigh the bad ones.   Maybe when the next generation comes out for the masses enough refinements will have been made that it will be easier to justify the investment.  Hopefully one of those refinements will be to the cost.  If Google can get the device under $300 I think more people will be willing to accept the shortfalls.

What are your thoughts?  Is this something you would be interested in?  If so go to the website and register for the Glass program.

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