Q/A with Ian Greenleigh, author of “The Social Media Side Door”


Ian Greenleigh ET BannerLast week on LinkedIn, Jason Falls posted a link for the opportunity to win a copy of the recently released book “The Social Media Side Door: How to Bypass the Gatekeepers to Gain Greater Access and Influence.” In order to win, I had to submit one question to the author, Ian Greenleigh, about the changing landscape of social media. The chosen questions would be subsequently answered by Ian on his blog.

Even though my question does not appear on his blog, Ian reached out to let me know that he liked my question and that I would be receiving a copy of his new book! Ian has graciously given me permission to share on this blog his answer to my question.

Q: How does Integrated Marketing factor into the social media landscape? 

A: “Integrated marketing is always the ideal, but it’s easier said than done. For one thing, different marketing units within the larger organization are typically evaluated against separate goals. Success to the PR team, for example, is not the same definition of success that guides the email marketing team.

That said, all teams are interested in executing more efficiently and easily. That’s why I think the best integrated campaigns are modular and repurposeable. By modular, I mean that the larger effort can be broken down into many pieces for myriad applications. By repurposeable, I mean that the same content can live in a variety of formats, and appeal to more than one audience, across several efforts.

For example, say you’ve just created a white paper based on company research. It contains dozens of interesting statistics, facts, and statements. This white paper can serve as the basis for a webinar, and can be repurposed into presentations for use at conferences. The sections of the paper can be the basis for a series of blog posts that will require very little editing from the original text. The statistics can be visualized and posted as images on Facebook, and each one can be a separate tweet. The section subheads are bold and provocative, so why not use them as headlines in your next advertising campaign?

Integrated marketing, done right, means the output is greater than the sum of its parts. It means that each marketing team take something of value from a larger effort, and as such, each team should be eager to contribute.” (Greenleigh, 2013)

What do you think of the concept of “modular” and “repurposeable” as it relates to IMC?

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