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Recently Julie shared a great post on a new podcast she found, and I just couldn’t miss an opportunity to share one too!  Traditionally I haven’t been a fan of talk radio or podcasts.  UNPODCAST_iTUNES-GRAPHIC-300x300I had a hard time finding time to listen to them and engaging with the content.  However, almost four weeks ago, Scott Stratten released the first episode of the UnPodcast, and I am hooked.  I am looking for excuses to walk the dog or take a long drive in the car so that I can catch up on the latest episode.   The content is incredible and the delivery is hilarious.  The stories he and co-host Alison Kramer share are interesting and relevant to the challenges IMC professionals face.  It is essentially a therapy session for the frustrated IMC professional.  If you’re ever frustrated and wondering why no one understands you, listen to the UnPodcast and you’ll be laughing out loud and feeling a little less crazy within the first ten minutes.

There are two things I really love about this podcast.

  1. It’s not all bad news.  I become exhausted listening to self proclaimed marketing guru stand on stage and tell the audience “what not to do.”  It is easy to point out mistakes and missteps and not attempt to provide a solution.  The UnPodcast shares the good and bad side of marketing and the power that it has to impact customers.
  2. It’s not a 10 step solution.  How many times have you seen the “The 10 ways to create better [insert buzz word here]” articles that guarantee the viewer increased ROI on their marketing efforts?  I’m not saying that all of those articles are bad, but there are not 10 steps that will solve all marketing problems.  The UnPodcast is a discussion that encourages listeners to really think about their content and figure out how to make it work for their company.

So,  if you’re looking for an entertaining, informative, and engaging podcast, the UnPodcast is it!

PS. Scott Stratten is the president of UnMarketing and author of UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging., The Book of Business Awesome/ The Book of Business unAwesome, and QR Codes Kill Kittens (which I am absolutely dying to read).

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5 Responses to “The UnPodcast”

  1. sstratten Says:

    Well aren’t you greater than a slice of pie on a Sunday?

    Shoot me a mailing address, consider the new book yours!

    Scottprivate AT

    And thanks for the post!

    • katshanahan Says:

      Thank you both so much for reading and sharing your comments. The UnPodcast has sparked some fantastic conversations in my office. I can’t wait to hear more and read the book.

      Thank you for creating such incredible content.

  2. Alison Kramer Says:

    Thank you so much, for listening and for your review 🙂
    It’s wonderful to hear you are enjoying the UnPodcast

  3. juliealong Says:


    Thanks for sharing, I love this podcast! I had never heard of it before your post.

  4. A Little Advice from Scott Stratten | WVU IMC Student Blog Says:

    […] KatShanahan One of my first blog posts for the IMC program at WVU was a gentle demand that you listen to the UnPodcast.  Hosts Scott […]

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