Digital Publishing Gives Voice to a New Platform Called Hyperink


Forbes continues to offer compelling marketing content through their BrandVoice™ channel. My favorite contributing agency is gyro, not to be confused with the Greek dish of the same name. What sets this agency apart is their brand promise of “igniting business decisions in a numb world.” One of their highly regarded portfolio pieces is a marketing and research development project titled “The @ Work State of Mind.”

Outside of their agency work, gyro has their own BrandVoice™ channel called gyroVoice. Top contributors include CEO, Christoph Becker. His latest article titled “Brand Relevance In a Tech Minded World,” encourages readers to, “Say no to the creative apartheid, and make brands and businesses matter to people again.”

Since gyro has the power to “ignite,” Forbes recently released a new Free ebook titled, “The Forbes Model For Journalism In The Digital Age.” 

Upon first glance, I was impressed both at the volume (78 pages) and the interactivity of the PDF. As I continued to scroll down, I noticed that each page was stamped with an icon that appeared to be a happy unidentified marine animal holding a pen next to qualifying text that read “Forbes With Hyperink.” My first thought after, “I can’t believe all of the is FREE,” was “What is Hyperink (not to be confused with Hyperlink)?”


It did not take long for me to realize that this was a new non-fiction publishing platform specifically tailored for busy people. One key differentiator is that this platform gives voice to experts and well-known bloggers who want to publish a book based on their blog content.

The mission of Hyperink “is to work with those bloggers to curate their existing posts, videos, and comments and create the best books.” All content is very reasonably priced, and the formats include kindle, iPad, Nook, and PDF.

Take a look at their selection here.

In addition, Hyperink offers Quicklets, which are described as “Your expert sidekick to the world’s most popular books.”

Has anyone downloaded a book from Hyperink? If not, what platform do you download digital content from?

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