Greetings from Wisconsin!


Hi everyone! As you can see, my name is Kat and I’m the newest addition to the WVU IMC blogging team.KatShanahan2

I’m very excited to connect with you and share stores of our amazing time in the IMC program.  I guess I’ll start things off with a bit about myself!

I currently reside in Whitewater, Wisconsin and work at the James R. Connor University Center at UW-Whitewater.  For the past three years, I’ve had the pleasure of supervising the UC Graphics & Marketing staff and guiding the University Center through a very large branding project.  It has been an amazing experience and continues to keep me on my toes.  I really enjoy working with my team of student designers, videographers, and marketers.  We have some of the best (and nerdiest) conversations imaginable.

I’m also in the midst of co-advising the UW-Whitewater Student Optimist Club Service Learning Trip to Burkina Faso, Africa.  I’m working with a group of 20 individuals to travel to Burkina Faso for two weeks and provide service and support to the communities there.  We will be delivering the first ambulance to Dedougou, building a computer lab and community garden, and doing a variety of service projects.  I’ve had a great time planning and working with an outstanding team of individuals to raise money and collect donations for communities in need.  The students also worked to help create a clothing line!  I’m a little nervous for the incredibly long flight over however, I still have five months to prepare and we’re stopping in Paris.  I think I can handle it!  In 2012 I traveled with the club to Ecuador, which served as a great stepping stone for Africa!


My little man, Parker

My personal life includes spending lots of time with my adorable small dog, Parker.  He’s almost 2 and has quite the personality! I also run a small photography business and take my camera with me everywhere!  I’m currently working on a 100 People project.  In 2011 I completed a Project: 365, which called for a photo every day for a year!  It was a very difficult challenge however; I learned an incredible amount about my camera and my style as a photographer.  I highly recommend it!  After taking so many photos over a year (and many I didn’t like) I wanted to focus on quality over quantity, so I’m taking my time on the 100 People project.  That’s about it, besides the fact that I love zoos, Milwaukee Brewer games, the Green Bay Packers, tennis, traveling, and many more things that make me sound like a huge nerd!

I look forward to connecting with all of you and talking about marketing, branding, technology, social media, advertising, IMC, WVU, and anything else that might come up along the way.  Don’t hesitate to reach out via any social media you see fit!

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