A Brief Introduction


helloHello everyone. To introduce myself to the blog audience this short posting will outline a bit of my life. I am currently taking a semester off from the IMC program but am looking forward to starting my sixth class next term. My name is Jerome Brown. By day I manage the social media activity and strategy for my company, Verint Systems, including our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and Customer Online community. Additionally I manage the corporate website and special projects related to the website. My current ‘special project’ is the translation of the site into nine languages. Lots of fun!

I have been in the marketing industry in one form or another for more than 15 years. I have been a partner in a small multimedia firm, the creative director for a custom training and eLearning development company, the owner of a high-end home and auto audio/video sales and installation shop, and have had a host of other jobs from roofer to high steel worker to apple picker. My under graduate degree is in Print Journalism and Advertising from Troy University (Troy, AL). I am 43, live in Suwanee, GA (just north of Atlanta) with my awesome wife, two very active kids (Ethan, 10 and Katie, 6), and two crazy cats. I am also a Cub Scout den leader for 15 boys. Yes, my life is busy.

Before starting the IMC program I had been contemplating going back to graduate school for about five years.  I finally made the decision to jump in when my wife said “just do it already!” My job requires a lot of writing and content development that spans not only customer types but also global regions. The courses outlined in this program seemed to provide a great complement to my continuing daily activates.

I had researched and interviewed a number of other programs at University of Florida, Marist, Gonzaga, Northwestern, University of North Carolina, and University of Southern California. Each one listed West Virginia as a peer program and most referred to the WVU IMC program as an aspirational program. I figured if so many looked up to WVU, why go anywhere else?

That’s my story in brief. Some of the topics I will be writing about in the coming months include social media and how it fits into B2B marketing, big data analytics, trends in customer service, and analytics programs that help businesses learn from their customers.

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3 Responses to “A Brief Introduction”

  1. Kristi Hansen Says:

    As a new student this fall, I look forward to your blog!

  2. Jose Huitron Says:

    Welcome Jerome!

  3. Lisa Oriss Sands Says:

    HI Jerome …I am sending you a note on Linkedin!

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