Return on Integrate: A Reunion of IMC Influencers


At last year’s Integrate 2012, Mark Schaefer spoke on the topic of finding, defining and pursuing your Return on Influence. A year later, here I am at Integrate 2013 continuing to define my return on influence in the field of IMC. As I made the drive to Morgantown, I had the opportunity to listen to the first chapter of an audio book I downloaded by Jon Acuff called “Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job.”


This book offered off-the cuff insights on why you don’t need to quit your day job to find and realize your return on influence. Acuff encourages listeners and readers of his book to use their job as the catalyst for what comes next.

Acuff states, “More often than not, finding out what you love doing most is about recovering an old love or an inescapable truth that has been silenced for years, even decades. When you come to your dream job, your thing, it is rarely a first encounter. It’s usually a reunion.”

Whether you define it as a reunion or a return, the Integrate 2013 Conference is a great way to take a step back and meet other like minded individuals that can help you to reawaken your passions that might be dormant inside of you.

I encourage everyone to soak up as much as you can tomorrow. The conference goes by so fast, be sure to make connections, ask questions and most importantly enjoy the reunion for what it is, an opportunity to move forward!

This year, instead of asking you to define your Return on Influence, I am going to ask you to think about defining your Return on Integrate. What have you found to be the best return so far during the 2013 conference? Has it been seeing your professors, meeting fellow students, or has it been listening to industry leaders speak about the future of marketing communications?

Looking forward to continuing the reunion tomorrow with everyone!

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2 Responses to “Return on Integrate: A Reunion of IMC Influencers”

  1. Jerome Brown Says:

    Return on Integrate. Good play on ROI. This is my second Integrate show and I am having the same reaction this year as I did last year: a feeling of pride in the program, of continued awe of my fellow classmates and of appreciation of all the hard work put in by the various members of the IMC program. So, thanks to everyone for putting on a quality show.

    Now, as far as my Return on Integrate, I find value in all your points. Being able to meet the professors and students face to face goes a long way in keeping engagement in the program. I don’t know about my fellow classmates but sometimes when it is 11:00 PM on the night responses are due and I am lacking one, being able to remember words of encouragement and stories of how fellow classmates have succeeded are a big help to getting that last bit of energy required to wrap up the assignment.

    I feel a challenge of online programs is their inherit solitude. Even though we are part of a class, we are still sitting at our desk or in our office and struggling through each assignment in solitude. I’m fortunate to have a wife who loves education, has a PhD, and is enthusiastic about my degree program. She and I bounce ideas for my papers all the time and it is a huge help. But, after she goes to bed, I turn to the memories I have from events like Integrate.

    How about other IMCers? What do you take away from Integrate?

  2. Valerie Ater Says:

    Return on Integrate to me is a compilation of things. I returned to my hotel last night feeling like a sponge soaking up new information to be released in future endeavors.

    Today brings another opportunity to learn, reunite and experience the world of IMC. The opportunities to learn are so plentiful and amaze me- not just those from Breakout Sessions but from fellow classmates and instructors outside of the class and formal sessions.

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