Jason Falls | Digital Marketing Success: Make Your Content Amazing


“Holy Smokes” is the philosophy behind how to make your content amazing! Social media according to Falls is not always about selling, it instead comes down to delivering brand experiences.

Falls advised the audience that it all comes down to crafting instant “Holy Smokes” moments.

Examples included:

Twitter: @Charmin

Pinterest: Readersheds


Print Ads: McDonalds and Colgate


PR: H&R Block | Million Mustache March – 2012

In order to craft “Holy Smokes” content, you need to leverage the following practical tips on how to be amazing:

  1. Assume the role of your audience or prospect
  2. Imagine what would make you say “Holy Smokes!”
  3. Imagine what would compel you at an emotional level to like, share, comment, convert or buy
  4. Build that in as the payoff or goal for every post, video, tweet, etc.
  5. Tweet/FB Post = Instant reaction, share
  6. Blog post = instigate response, share, think
  7. Video= Produce an emotional reaction (laugh)
  8.  White Paper = Discuss with colleagues; Incorporate in planning
  9. Webinar = Compel people to contact for more

Feel free to share other “Holy Smokes” moments below. My personal favorite has been K-Mart’s “Ship Your Pants.”

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4 Responses to “Jason Falls | Digital Marketing Success: Make Your Content Amazing”

  1. Jerome Brown Says:

    I found the message provided by @JasonFalls about creating Holy Smokes content refreshing. Too many times we get bogged down with the promotion of the features and functions of ‘product x’ and ‘service y’ that we forget that we need to make our message fun. We need to have it tailored to our consumers and we need to make sure it is valuable to them on some level.

  2. Valerie Ater Says:

    A “Holy Smokes” moment reminds me if the former term the “AHA Moment” only more compelling!

    I think my “Holy Smokes” favorite or one that garnered the most emotion from me has to be Melissa Etheridge’s Humane Society spots. These spots engage a variety of emotions one of which is unfortunately anger – yet this is an emotion that is often needed to gain the response a marketer is searching for

  3. jelise2012 Says:

    Working for a B2B company (and one that happens to be a Cisco Gold Partner) I really loved Jason’s example of the Cisco “How Many Ways Can a Man Say I Love You” commercial: http://youtu.be/3pffeMdDSoY

  4. Karen’s PR & Social Media Blog » Reflections on Integrate 2013: Power of storytelling within communities across all brands Says:

    […] from Jason Falls who discussed how IMC and other associated professions need to create a “Holy Smokes!” reaction to their campaigns and message strategies. Creative insights along with strategic […]

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