Integrate 2013: Awesome, awesome, awesome


This is my third trip to Morgantown for Integrate and I’m so thrilled to be here. This is truly a weekend I look forward to year round…it is really unbeatable!

I arrived to the Integrate Conference around 1:00 p.m. and I was, as always, greeted with numerous familiar faces. I spent today better understanding social media, brand management and professionalism which is beneficial on countless levels.

During “Emerging Media for Branding and Career Success” led by Professor Rachael Post and Dr. Dawn Edmiston, I learned so much about online platforms, digital publishing, Klout (which I first toyed around with during last year’s Integrate Conference) and the importance of “plugging into your tribe.” “Plugging into your tribe” is a way to connect with those who have similar interests and/or goals to yours and a way to improve your talents by learning from others who are passionate about the same topics.

In the beginning of the session, both Professor Post and Dr. Edmiston mentioned that they hoped to make their presentation “special and useful,” which they absolutely did!

Following the Afternoon Breakout Sessions, all were invited to a Networking Reception at the WVU Alumni Center…truly a night to remember! Not every day you can enjoy an outdoor patio packed with your fellow graduates, other classmates and your professors.

Beautiful setting and such wonderful people. These connections are what makes the IMC Program (and Integrate) so enjoyable!

Beautiful setting and such wonderful people. These connections are what make the IMC Program so rewarding!

I’m ecstatic about tomorrow’s schedule which kicks off with another WVU IMC Alum, Scott Cuppari, the Senior Global Marketing Manager for Coca-Cola Freestyle.

Were you in attendance today? If so, comment with your favorite part of this afternoon’s events!

4 Responses to “Integrate 2013: Awesome, awesome, awesome”

  1. Valerie Ater Says:

    Today was indeed awesome!! I totally enjoyed “Love, Lies & Deception: Social Media Ethics- What You Need to Know” with Joe Barnes. A great breakout session on the power of social media both positive and negative potentials and what we as marketers need to do to always be on the right side of social media.

    The Networking Reception is always a fabulous event! One where friendships can be re-kindled and made.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions with lots of energy and anticipation.

  2. Valerie Ater Says:

    A great day indeed!! I totally enjoyed “Love, Lies & Deception: Social Media Ethics- What You Need to Know” presented by Joe Barnes so much that I registered for his class in Late Fall.

    The Networking Reception is always a fun, energetic event to meet professors, classmates and re-kindle friendships from previous events.

    Definitely looking for a busy, informative day tomorrow

  3. Jerome Brown Says:

    I have to admit, the sessions today really set a high bar for tomorrow. Last year we had a lot of great presenters but this year really takes it to another level. Learning about the strategies behind WVU’s branding team and the activities they undertake was inspirational. Scott Wilkinson and his team are doing great work. Getting a peek into the creative mind of Susan Jones and learning about her techniques to maximize personal creativity has immediate impact on my daily work. The session with Joe Barnes discussing social media ethics was interesting, timely, and frustrating all at the same time. The session left you thinking about how careful we as individuals need to be when engaging in social media practices and how the actions of a few can have dramatic and far reaching impacts.
    Listening to the conversations at tonight’s reception was also quite revealing. People were abuzz about not only the conference but also the IMC program. It was interesting to walk through the crowd and here “I’ve just finished my 8th class” or “I have just been accepted into the program, what kind of advice do you have.” These are the kinds of conversations I find most valuable because people really open up and share part of their story, part of their experience at WVU and offer insight on how to succeed. It’s pretty incredible. These are the conversations that help us form long lasting memories of our time at WVU.
    I’m happy to be a Mountaineer and events like Integrate 2013 just reinforce my satisfaction with the program.

  4. Rebecca Agner Says:

    So many takeaways from Day One, but the one that really got my attention was personal branding. It’s been on my to-do list for years. In the past two months, I’ve resurrected my blog and Twitter account and started using Google +. I think I would be overwhelmed right now if I didn’t have this jump start. After this weekend I feel more confident and in control of my personal branding strategy.

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