Kickoff presentation at Integrate 2013


Integrate 2013 kicked off with a presentation by Scott Wilkinson, Executive Creative Director of WVU University Relations. He spoke about the current WVU branding (video, mobile, print, and social).

“Meaning and emotion” were two words that Wilkinson described as intrinsic qualities of a brand. “Meaning,” was described as having three qualities: shared experiences, relevance, and timeliness. “Emotion,” in terms of branding, was described as having an understanding of empathy.  However, in terms of marketing, “emotion” is all about sympathy.

The “meaning and emotion” behind the WVU brand is conveyed by the following five words: pioneering, passionate, innovative, tireless, and caring. The following websites were shared to showcase the efforts made by the University Relations team.

The presentation concluded with the introduction of a development term called “parallax.” Wilkinson exemplified the concept by describing a new form of storytelling that The New York Times leveraged that integrated various media into one platform.

New York Times


Have you ever heard of the term “parallax” before the presentation?

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5 Responses to “Kickoff presentation at Integrate 2013”

  1. jelise2012 Says:

    I had never heard of parallax or the NY Times Snowfall story, but it is amazing! Couldn’t wait to get back to my laptop and check it out after the session!

  2. Mike Brice Says:

    I had never heard the term parallax before the presentation but I plan to read a lot more about it this week. Look like a great tool for storytelling.

  3. Tracey Gould Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Scott’s presentation today. In fact, I never heard of the term “parallax,” but I took this as a challenge to quickly familiarize myself with the technology — at least enough to know if I want it as a tool in my toolbox. #INTEGRATE13

  4. Valerie Ater Says:

    I’ve never heard of ‘parallax’ before but the brief preview that Scott gave us was incredible. Something to definitely look at further and possibly incorporate into own presentations or projects.

    This session definitely “brought home” the points of ” meaning” and “emotion” through the poignant videos used to promote the WVU Brand.

  5. Jerome Brown Says:

    I have heard of Parallax before but it was in regards to 3D design and how an object can be displaced when seen at different angles or lines of sight. That’s too deep of a thought for 12:09 AM. Anyhow, I also had seen a number of websites designed using the Parallax technology and decided to try and learn the process. Let me just say ouch! It was pretty complicated to build even seemingly simple onscreen events but the results are unique and highly engaging. The effort is certainly well repaid by longer onsite times. An example of another site developed in Parallax is It’s becoming more popular so I really can’t wait to see what innovative programmers and creative do with it.

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