Infographic of Morgantown Attractions


Plan your 2013 INTEGRATE weekend itinerary with an infographic I designed filled with the best attractions that Morgantown, WV and southern Pittsburgh, PA has to offer!

(Click to enlarge)


If you have any other recommendations that I might have missed detailing, please share below.

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3 Responses to “Infographic of Morgantown Attractions”

  1. Susan Sullivan Says:

    There are so many wonderful things about Morgantown – the Wharf District, on the falling banks of the Monongahela River, is a hub for summer activities and the intersection of the Caperton & Deckers Creek Rail Trails, the veins of healthy activity in our City. There’s entertainment, from the Metropolitan Theatre, to the Creative Arts Center, and even to the many intimate venues along High Street! The food is incredible – Thai, BBQ, fancy brunch, amazing Sushi, late night indulgences and pizza from every corner of the earth. Downtown thrives on Kids Day, Chocolate Lover’s Day, and the Celebration of America on July 4. Sports fans have the ultimate in experiences, from a rowdy game inside the Coliseum, with the Maniacs and Pep Band driving the intensity, to a packed stadium, striped in Blue & Gold, thunderous with applause and the intimidating rumble of the Pride of West Virginia, the Mountaineer Marching Band. Baseball fans are giddy with excitement over the recently-approved Baseball Park, to be built between Morgantown’s Westover and Star City Exits. Off of either of those are also mountains of great shopping and business opportunities! I know you can’t fit everything, but I thought I’d share some of my favorite parts of this city on the Mon.

  2. juliealong Says:


    Thank you for those recommendations! During the Integrate Conference, I will have to make a point to visit other attractions.

  3. jelise2012 Says:

    Really awesome job on the infographic, Julie! Looking forward to meeting you at Integrate!

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