Two weeks left!



Wasn’t it just March and we were entering Late Spring? Wow! Being enrolled in Capstone has really made time fly.

Don’t get me wrong, the past seven weeks have been tough but do-able. I sit here looking at my list of what’s left to accomplish for my final project and its long, but I have a good grip on how to handle it.

When I’m having a moment of uncertainty, I always remind myself of all the classes and all the projects I’ve completed over the past three years. My neighbor once commented on how she can easily spot me when I’m on my computer, and the heavy frequency she spots me. Schoolwork has become a part of my life and I dedicate whatever time is needed to complete a project. Capstone is no different.

I went out of town for work last week and it was the best opportunity imaginable…perfect timing for sure!  I put in extra time on the discussion board prior to leaving which allowed me to really stay focused on the trip and why I was there. I arrived home with an uncluttered mind and was able to be productive.

This past weekend, I volunteered at a fundraiser in Akron, Ohio and about half way through, I realized I had gone the whole afternoon without thinking about school.

Sure, this sounds weird, but I’ve had countless dreams about the project over the past seven weeks, so giving myself a break, whether it be for an hour or a few days is really rewarding. Just like all the classes and projects, the indescribable feeling of pushing the submit button and receiving a good grade masks the stress.

What is your process to complete a large task?

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One Response to “Two weeks left!”

  1. Bill Says:

    Good luck and finish strong!

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