Blue Light Special: “Ship My Pants”


If you are a retail consumer like me, you could probably count on your hand how many times you have been to Kmart in the past five years. On the few instances I have been in the store, I almost always have a positive experience because I have the store entirely to myself, the shelves are fully stocked, and the staff is available! The only glaring negative is that the store seems to have lost their identity, passion and the blue light that made them special.

In an effort to clear up any misnomers that the brand closed their doors, Kmart made an uncharacteristic move last week to gain visibility that they offer the same shipping services as other retailers. A catchy 35-second play on crude humor video titled “Ship my Pants” has gone viral on Youtube. In just six days, since the release on April 10, 2013, the video has amassed over ten million views!

According to the Kmart Facebook Page, “You’ll ship your pants too when you see this.”


Whether you agree or disagree on this crude play on humor, this campaign might make you ship your pants, next time!

The brand is poised for a comeback, but only if the marketing team is able to integrate this strategy across all of their marketing channels. Was it a mistake to release a video alone, or do you think this is a teaser campaign for what will hopefully be an integrated marketing plan?

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2 Responses to “Blue Light Special: “Ship My Pants””

  1. Rick Bryson Says:

    While the video was funny in an off-color kind of way, I think it will take alot more than this to get their ship striaght. It will be interesting to see if they can move the needle with this.

  2. Ship My Pants! Is Kmart Being Smart? | rsmithing Says:

    […] Blue Light Special: “Ship My Pants” (IMC Student Blog) […]

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