Hello Midterm Week


Wow! What a busy, interesting, educational and unforgettable few weeks its been. I’m enrolled in IMC636 Campaigns or as many of us refer to it as Capstone!

Entering Week 5, I’ve learned more than I could have imagined about the organization we’re creating a plan for, the American Red Cross, and our target audience for the project – millennials (my favorite generation!). Large projects can be tiring, but piecing all the parts together, like I did this weekend for our midterm assignment due April 15, can be rewarding.

I found myself reading through my 39 page Word document a few times, but not to look for typos, to reflect on the work in its entirety. It’s pretty cool to think I started with a blank Word document and it eventually turned into a project I can be proud of.

Even with working full-time and tackling a huge project, I’ve had time to enjoy some fun things!


I went to a Cleveland Indians game with my parents this past weekend


I couldn’t resist taking this photo one morning last week. Spring is here!

Have you been able to enjoy the little things during the semester? If so, tell me about them in the comment section!

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One Response to “Hello Midterm Week”

  1. tjkrupica23 Says:

    I was able to travel home and play in a kickball tournament to raise money for autism. It was great and very rewarding to do something good with my friends. I’m excited to continue on with this course and finish strong! It has been an eye opening experience of what you can accomplish working full time and finding time for friends & family.

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