Campaigns…here I come!


Monday was a rainy day in Northeast Ohio, but honestly, looking back, I won’t remember the weather. I will remember Monday as the very last first day in the IMC Program. That’s right…Monday kicked off IMC 636 Campaigns for me. The Campaigns course, although it’s still early, reminds me a lot of my very first course, IMC610 because all the students seem to be rooting for one another from Day 1. There’s a true sense of all the students being in this journey together.

This semester we’re concentrating on the American Red Cross, which will be beneficial for me since I help coordinate marketing for a non-profit organization. Although our missions are much different, studying non-profit marketing will offer many advantages to me professionally.

I know that the next nine weeks will be tough, but I’m up for the challenge. To have a little fun before Campaigns, I spent some time with my friends!

Nicole SJ Megan

I also went to New York for a quick trip!


I think Central Park is my favorite place on Earth!

Over the past weekend, I found myself dedicating a lot of extra time to resting because this will be a time consuming nine weeks.

Are you excited to tackle the next course? Tell me what you’re taking!


One Response to “Campaigns…here I come!”

  1. Ashleigh Hess Says:

    You are right, the course culture is very similar to IMC 610. We are bonded by the nervous expectations of our shared experience. We root for everyone and in turn feel empowered by the encouragement from others. Good luck in campaings, I’ll be cheering for you!

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