Where Do You Complete Your Best Work?


best work

Since beginning the IMC Program nearly three years ago, I’ve completed about 90% of my coursework “old school” in front of my desktop computer at home. Once in a blue moon, I’ll head to the library for a change of scenery, but for the most part, I feel most productive in my pajamas in the comfort of my own house.

Some of us like a little background noise, while others enjoy a noisy environment to get creative. I notice that I get distracted if I work in other parts of my house so I try and stick to what I know works. I’ve even started leaving my phone in another room so I don’t have the urge to text, check emails or play a game when writing a paper.

I believe that in the past three years, my time management skills have improved as well as my ability focus on projects. One of the reasons for these new skills is that I know the environment in which I can complete tasks successfully.

Where you complete your best work? Do you enjoy a different environment than I’ve described above?

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2 Responses to “Where Do You Complete Your Best Work?”

  1. Joyce Says:

    I’m with you Nicole! Old school on my desktop in my little kitchen corner. I’ve tried to go elsewhere to escape the noise of my family, but I actually have gotten very good at tuning them out. I am much more comfortable at home!

  2. nicolehagy Says:

    I hear ya, Joyce! I guess we’re both creatures of habit!

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