The Digital Marketer’s Toolbox: Part I


Technology and industry change at a rapid pace. The opportunities to miss out on key insights, growing trends, and purposed direction are numerous. How do communication specialists and brand managers stay on top of the trends and changing dynamics taking place in today’s marketing environment?

I recently had an opportunity to see the 2010 film The A-Team. I know I know…I’m a bit late on that one. Nonetheless, I was inspired by the level of strategy and plan of action seen in the film with regards to blowing stuff up…literally. Shaking things up is a common practice for novel digital strategists who strive to get people talking and increase WOM activity. If you haven’t seen the flick, here’s a quick synopsis:

A group of Iraq War veterans looks to clear their name with the U.S. military, who suspect the four men of committing a crime for which they were framed.

Seems simple right? The lesson of the film: “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Those eight words are powerful fuel for integrated marketing communication professionals desirous to see tangible results. A plan of action and strategic approach to orchestrating communication touchpoints effectively is indeed a launching platform for real audience impact.

Just how can we begin to orchestrate, plan, and outthink the competition?


Two of my favorite tools for staying ‘in the know’ and keeping on top of the IMC arena are Google Reader and Feedly. There’s been some recent talk about Google shutting Reader down but until that happens I recommend it as a means of staying informed and building your knowledge base.

Google Reader Toolbox

Keyboard shortcuts and organizing options make it a breeze for collecting the RSS feeds of your favorite websites. Feedly takes this pipeline of content and insights to another level visually.

Just one of the ways to organize the web’s most relevant information in the eyes of the aspiring digital marketer.

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