Employees Are Solid Brand Advocates


Do you retweet your company’s messages, share posts and comment on statuses? If so, you’re one of the reasons HootSuite just proclaimed employees are the the best brand advocates!

I play a major role in social media at my company so I’m always liking statuses, asking my friends to become fans, making sure new employees are aware of our social media platforms, etc. Some may say I do this a little too much!

Being a consistent social media user who shares Facebook statuses and more gives my connections an opportunity to ask a question about our brand or put a familiar face behind a product. After all, peer reviews and recommendations are quite effective.

The following illustration shows the maximum achievable social audience of an average Fortune Global 100 company versus the maximum achievable social audience of its employees.

social media1

That’s a lot of people!

Companies can grow their social media pages through their employees interactions organically, which is wonderful and cost-effective. When employees say genuine things about a product or service their company offers, the word of mouth advertising is priceless!

Do you find yourself supporting your employer’s pages on social media? If so, how active are you?

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